Tuesday, 18 November 2008

X'mas came early!

I had only half a day to do some well deserved shopping in Guangzhou, however after spending almost 3 hours in traffic and 15 minutes getting lost, I had 45 minutes to get something. Somethings I did get! 4 pairs or shoes, two of them boots in brown and black. This is one pair that I gotten! Isn't it sweet?! It's like a mix between vintage and new style. And I just got my Topshop zipper leggings back from my mum, considering I've lost most of mine. Meh. This is definitely going to be my new casual day staples for a long time to come! =)

Here's some stuff I would really love to get from Etsy!
Tooth Fairy price list , Rabbit and Heart purse
Alice Ring, Moose Ring

*ah-hem* *ah-hem* hehe.


Anyways, there's so much more I wanna tell everyone about, but unfortunately I'm ill again. A very serious bout of stomach flu. So it's back to bed with me before I fall asleep at my desk! XOXO


Anonymous said...

those boots are badass sarah, you are a badass. i cannot believe you find things like that in guangzhou. i went to shanghai and i came home with a china-brand super power hairdryer for cheap. the difference between the shopper in you and me!! xx

flair to remember said...

aww i hope you feel better soon!
those boots are amazing!! they look so good!


Sarah said...

Melly: hahahahahahaha... OMG that's the funniest thing I've heard since I can't remember when!!! HAHAHA.. can't stop laughing. Trust me, I was shocked too! Apparently apparel there is kinda outdated but the shoes... WOOOO!! like crazy good!

Nikki: Thanks Nikki!!! =D

Bella said...

Those boots!!!!! I adore them!!

clareassiral said...

those boots are awesome! my god where the hell did you shop?

Sarah said...

Everyone: the boots are like crazy nice right?! Guess what: They're only 13 USD!! =D The thing is I was thinking of bringing more back, but I didnt know if anyone else would want one!! =D Now I know!