Friday, 7 November 2008

Inspiration Room

I've been really busy with the renovation for my room. Who knew it required so much attention! I know that most people would be more than excited to select tiles, wallpaper, lights etc. for their new room, but it's really not when it's scorching like 38 degrees C outside and go from store to store looking for the right toilet bowl for you. Yesh, I said toilet bowl. Did you know that every toilet seat is different and the only way to find out is obviously to sit on it? So in a store right behind a bus-stop, I took a seat on the toilet bowl while alighting passengers gave the stare. Well, that surely made for embarrassing moment 490823409 in my life!

Toilet accessories are so expensive and selecting the right shape, size and quality. There's made in China, Switzerland, Germany, Italy... Honestly, I just think they're all made in China and that's that. All in all, It was so exhausting! Hopefully, everything will turn out just like this...

The colour theme and concept is the same. Can't wait to see the outcome!

Here's some other inspiration I'm looking at for my room. I'm thinking I should stick to white walls and go gaga with colours when it comes to most furniture! =D Prints! Prints and more Prints!



I got all these photos from Design*Sponge but if anyone has any other recommendations on great websites to source inspiration from. Let me know! =D


Little projects I'm currently working on.

Lizzie Forunato Jewelry = very beautfiul but very expensive.
Therefore I'm making one for myself. Hopefully it comes out as awesome as the original. I'm using fabric for the cranes though I'm really not sure what they use for the original. I thought it might be paper, but whose going to buy a paper necklace! =D

The alphabet bag! Why buy one when you can make it at home for yourself and your friends! But for the original deal, click here.

I've just completed a tassel/studded sling bag. Will show everyone soon when I have a chance!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

hope your room goes along well! with that wealth of inspiration i don't think it'll turn out very bad at all. can't wait to see your fringe bag and crane necklace too!!

-jo (the previous one was me too :D)

Sarah said...

thanks jo! I just hope i don't overdo it. Im so tempted to put 4 different types of wallpaper on each wall of my room! Lol.

Bella said...

If your room turns out like that... then I'm coming over!!!! lol

Fantastic inpirations!! Good luck!

jasmine danker said...

i m so excited on how your room would look like! ezra told me your busy workin on it! anyway of cause i would love to model for you, i told ezra already but i think he forgot to mention it to you. i think all your clothes are lovely expecially your sailor skirts

clareassiral said...

oh sarah can i stay at your place if it turns out the way you envisioned!?

if you need more ideas and inspiration look at

.+. aNnA .+. said...


love all the inspiration for ur room. have u decided? ;)


Sarah said...

Larissa: Thanks for the link, hun! Oh and I have a feeling I'm never gonna leave my room if it turns out the way I envision as well. LOL

Anna: The bathroom has been decided and work will start tomorrow. However I'm still looking for other inspirations for the room itself. Since it's a loft, it's gonna be hard!

saray said...

those rooms are fab!!

Songy said...

crane necklace? That's something. I should make those. :)

Nina (femme rationale) said...

you should check out such a great site...i'm addicted to it!

btw, thank u for visiting my blog! :)

Nicole said...

I love those crane garlands! I would love to wear one to accent a simple black dress.