Saturday, 31 May 2008

Black & Blue

When I said I would not wear all black again, I meant it. Thus, to brighten up a dark outfit, you gotta have accessories that brighten you up. =)

My new shoes from H&M which I'm sure are probably sold out already. I love their electric blue color. Was inspired by fashiontoast's Rumi's electric blue shoes which I really wanted for myself. Hooray!

Anyways my crazed boss is back from her holiday. She brought back pretty pretty stones with her though, did a trade and I'll show you what I knicked from her in due time.

Loves. Good weekend everyone!

Dress: Miss Selfridge
Necklace: Chloe
Stockings: Tabio
Shoes: H&M

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Turning 22 and still slightly awkward

As July 16th approaches, my mixed feelings and emotions get the better of me. I'm graduating and somehow things didn't feel so right. I'm turning 22 and I'm not really where I thought I would be at this age. I blame myself for being a kancheong spider (overzealous and overanxious). That... I have to blame my parents. For the past year, they've been asking if I found a job yet. So I suppose such traits are genetic. =P

The thing is, I don't think I can do an office job. Office jobs bore me to tears... Secondly, I don't want to do Graphic Design if given a choice... I'm sick of it. *Yawn* Everyone is doing it... everyone is a self-proclaimed Graphic Designer... Which reminds me: JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN USE PHOTOSHOP and ILLUSTRATOR does NOT make you a g.designer. I don't even like that title anymore cause it's so overrated and overused. Used to think it's cool... NOT anymore.

Soo I turned to my strong points. I love fashion. I love shopping but usually return them after admiring them for a day. I love sleeping in the day and working at night. I love travelling. So I thought... make use of all these factors and do something I really love.

Thus, Ana and I are going to start an online fashion retail business based in London. I will be her buyer/designer and she will do the business/marketing. I want to start my own line as well as bring in young Asian fashion designers into the London fashion market.

It's a big big thing with loads of details sooo I shan't say too much. =) Just wait and see.

p.s Pictures of my accessories will be up on my blog as well as ebay soon =D

The Rebelle in All of Us

Remember the blog entry in which Stylebytes had mentioned about Chelsea Rebelle and its designer Sarah Brannon. Well.... I got to meet her! I went to the shop that was listed on the website which was suppose to stock her clothes. Instead of finding rows of dresses, I found her... fortunately, in time for she is moving back to L.A. Sarah is a lovely lovely person! She had her seamstress make the dress I wanted personally for me because she had sent her stock back to LA already. Plus, she came especially to my work place to give it to me.

The great thing about London is that you never know who ur gonna bump into. =)

Thank you Sarah!

Isn't this dress like FAB! Lovin' it!

Dress: Chelsea Rebelle
Slip: Zara
Stockings: Tabio
Shoes: Carvela : Kurt Geiger

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Boredom can be fun!

In my sheer boredom, I decided to make a dress without any prior knowledge of how to make one. So obviously, it didn't work out as well as I thought it would... the bottom instead of flaring out was too tight. =) So I had to chop it off and settled with just a top.

I wanted to go for the Sass&Bide kind of design and I think I kinda got it. I used a random piece of fabric in the pile of random fabrics I have been collecting. You can't see it but it's got stripes and cherries on it. The straps are random pieces of rope that I had used in my prior project. Sweettt... Didn't have to spend a dime. However, the hem of the top hasn't been finished cause I ran out of thread. -__-"

The sewing is pretty off but I kinda like it that way. =D

Can't wait to wear it when it's done.

Friday, 23 May 2008


I've finished my course!!!! No more projects... It feels so weird. I really don't know if I'm happy or sad or ... I don't even know what I'm feeling at this point of time. Anyways, to celebrate, I went out with Ana for awhile. And Gawd is very kind and life is full of surprises... when we were walking from College, there was a guy holding a sign that said: "CHLOE SAMPLE SALE." We were stopped in our tracks and took a turn straight to the location. There were so many things I wanted to get, including a vest but unfortunately, it was .... 200 pounds after less. I had to settle for something for less expensive... A necklace which is f-ing pretty... so pretty Ana was obsessed about it for at least 1/2 hour after I bought it. (You can roughly see in the pictures)

Also... a pair of shorts... Chloe.. it's CHLOE at 70% off. I was soooo happy and still am. Plus, they don't make me look fat... AND... my dad has always complained that my abercrombie shorts are too... inappropriate, so at least now when he comes to London, I can wear these pair of shorts and he's not going to complain! =)

Tee-shirt: Topshop
Necklace: Chloe
Shorts: Chloe
Casual shoes: H&M

Then I popped by Zara and was very attracted to this dress because of its prints. I'm actually going to shorten it and use the remaining fabric to make a top. So look forward to that! Notice the bag... it's the one from Antik Batik that I was craving. I love it sooo much. I don't carry small bags but this is soooo perfect for me.

Dress: Zara
Necklace: Chloe
Bag: Antik Batik
Bangles: Topshop

The last picture is of a dress from Kookai that I'm actually going to sell on Ebay because it's abit too big for me. (And you can see my panties from behind cause it's kinda sheer. -__-") I like it... but I don't think I love it

Belt: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Antik Batik

Don't mind the shoes... kinda wearing it around the house cause my floor is an absolute mess. Will have better pictures as the days go by, was just too excited to show you what I bought.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Monday, 19 May 2008

Geek Alert

I've been looking for a long skirt for some time now. And I found one at H&M the other day. Unfortunately it was a size 34 and I'm usually a size 36-38. Obviously my size was sold out -_-" But I managed to fit into it okay... as okay as I am not going to pass out.

The long skirt was kinda past season, but while everyone is wearing mini skirts, I'm gonna go long! So very french chic in my opinion.

Anyways I'm gonna be very super busy with my work until this Friday which is the deadline for my final portfolio! Hooray! After that, I got about 2-3 weeks to prep for my Graduation Show. =) Soooo will be blogging alot more after the 23rd! Sorry about my absence these few days. Don't miss me too much!

Glasses: Urban Outfitters
Shirt: Topshop
Skirt: H&M
Belt: Chinatown

Friday, 16 May 2008

Gay men know best

When I saw this picture on the Sart, three things came into mind:"damn he's got a nice ass and hot legs." "Omg I want his YSL Muse bag!" "Yeah... he's gay." The thing is... I don't think straight guys can pull of this look. They probably wouldn't have the walk, the charm and the damn fine ass to do it. As appealing as this guy looks, I'd rather date someone's whose totally neutral about fashion. I DON'T WANT SOMEONE TO STEAL MY LIMELIGHT!! Imagine if your boyfriend dresses better than you... that sucks!

Ezra not to say you're totally out of sync with fashion... though... come to think about it, you really are. =P But I love you just the way you are.


Was f-ing late for work today. Was supposed to be there at 10 and I woke up at 10.15. Grand huh?! Sighs... Soo I had to spend 20 freaking pounds on cab fare to central London. By the time I got there I was pretty feverish and really car sick. I made up some bogus excuse of why I was late and got away with it. Unfortunately, my head was spinning... and I was on the verge of passing out. Sighs... the things I do for money sometimes... or whatever I can get. >__<

Got a new dress from ASOS. Will post tomorrow!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Boho Inspiration

I need to make 10 patterns, so I've been looking at lace! It's amazing how lace is made and how pretty the patterns are. When I went to China, I found out a company that makes lace and I might design my own lace when I have more time =D.
Yuko bought ViVi back from Japan which is my favourite japanese magazine ever. I really really really want all the dresses on these two pages, especially the one in the bottom right corner with the bag! Love it Love it Love it! I want 'em all!! My dad was asking if I wanted to go Japan again after I finish college. Uh... yeah!! *Grins*
Happy Weekend everyone!!

I should have been born a boy

I've always been abit of a game freak. I have had/still have an Xbox, a PS2, Nintendo Wii, PSP. Started my PC gaming with Command & Conquer when I was like 10, then Starcraft (absolute favourite of all time), Warcraft, Diablo, Counterstrike and now World of Warcraft. 

My friends could never comprehend my obsession with gaming. They would roll their eyes at my constant rant about this game and that game. I think it all started from the constant competitiveness with my brother whom I was always trying to better. IF A BOY CAN DO IT, WHY CAN'T I? 

But I would never give up gaming. It's really therapeutic, although sometimes I can get really pissed off >__<. Ezra and I are WoW freaks and we do argue from time to time about things that happen in-game. Yeah, I know... that's just really stupid. We feel stupid in the end too. -__-"

Now I just can't wait to go home, get a PS3(like finally) and play GTA4. Going around destroying stuff, killing random people.... sounds pretty fun! So many things to try in life, oh so little time. =P

Time to go back to work!! =)

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Prettiness in a Box

So this is what I've been working on these two days. I'm the type... who loves to make beautiful things. Conceptualization is not something I'm great at doing... so hopefully visually, I can capture people's eyes.

This is the 2nd version of my packaging which I really like. If yoire thinking... Sarah you're mad for cutting that out by hand... Yeah.. I am abit of a freak in that aspect. Better than spending 50GBP just to laser cut it. It's not perfect but sure as hell very good! >__<>

Monday, 12 May 2008

Sailor Dress

I love Rumi's fashion sense. Clean, cool and very Californian. I think I much prefer her style than whatever is going on in London, definitely suits me more.

She's selling this dress now that I love on
I really want it but alas... not gonna happen.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Lingerie will do me poor!

Agent Provocateur has the 2nd most beautiful lingerie ever... in my opinion of course. I think Myla has the best. Was snooping around Selfridges today after work and fell in love with this new range... Maisy

I'm a huge sucker for lingerie... Sometimes I think I spend more money on what I wear inside than outside. The whole French maid thing is cute and totally sexy.

The underwear is 40GBP a pop. I have to think really carefully about this! =P

Purdy Saturday

After 12 hours of very good sleep, minus the nightmare I had that left me shaking abit (calling Ezra after made me feel much better of course), I was feeling rather refreshed. Dressed up and went to work.

Got my hair extensions on again. Don't know if that was such a good idea cause it was steaming hot in the train! Anyways first time wearing my new pair of heels from Topshop Unique. The fashion buyer at Fenwick came up to me (she never talks to me... like ever, doesn't even smile) and says "hey there, you alright? Don't mind me asking but please tell me where did you get your gorgeous pair of shoes?!" You should have seen the look on her face, it was as if she m
ight just rob me of my shoes there and then if given a choice. If a fashion buyer for a major departmental store gives you a thumbs up, then you know you're doing something right.

The dress is from FCUK. I don't really patronize FCUK. Actually never do I, except the one time I bought one of those FCUK tees (I was 17 and a sucker for whatever everyone else was wearing). I don't really do prints on dress either, but I really liked the cut and fit of it. Anything that can cover my arms (which are scarring from damn bed bug bites I got in Tokyo) and the skirt is of a relatively preferable length, I go for it immediately.

All in all... a good fashionably sensible day!


Hat: Forever21
Dress: French Connection
Bag: Vintage Chanel
Shoes: Topshop Unique

Friday, 9 May 2008

What Friday?!

I have had 7 hours of sleep these past two days. Funny how I still feel quite alive. Well my brain is pretty dead but I'm still kicking it. All the third year Graphic Design students are heading in to hand in their graduation book layouts. Well not everyone... mostly... I think =P

So there I go, dragging my tired ass to college. Obviously don't expect me to be glammed up, I'm going for the "I really cant be bothered so leave me alone" look.

So here's a few of my friends.
Madoka, Yuko & Tania,

All looking like they put in more effort than me to get dressed. Psshhh.

Okay gonna go to sleep now. Finally. Happy Weekend all!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

A Pirate for Life

Yohoho and a bottle of rum!

One of the raw photos from my photoshoot.

The comment I get from girls: That's really cute.
The comment I get from guys : Is she not wearing a bra?

Yeahh.. boys will always be boys.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Antik Batik

On my wish list, this fringed bag from Antik Batik is sooo cute! Fringed bags are sooo in right now. Have to work harder now to afford this! *crosses fingers*


Staying at home these two days to finish my work. Major important tutorial on Thursday... and I think I might be screwing it up. Tutor is really pushing me to do prints... Looks like simplicity will never be my style. I love patterned/wallapaper/floral prints, but it's really not what I want to do. However if it's what the tutor wants, then it's what the tutor gets.

I'm soooo sian right now. Not feeling inspired at all. Just wanna graduate like... NOW.

I've lost my passion for Graphic Design, especially being in my school. When I was first accepted to Central Saint Martins, I was extremely excited but now I have lost all respect for it. Well at least just the Graphic Design department. The fashion dept will always be... AWESOME. I've seen people who come into class with sheets of sketches during the final crit and explain their theories and unrefined concepts like it's the greatest in the world and the tutor goes for it. People who deserved great marks and who do visually stunning work (I'm not talking about me cause I suck), get one of the lowest marks.

Just...tired of it. Wanna just continue doing my accessories... and be happy with using my creativity in that.

Sigh... back to work man.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Behind the Lens

I finally had my photoshoot done today. The weather wasn't very nice, but decent enough to spare us the rain.

I was rather happy with the outcome of the shoot... (Will show the photos soon as they have been photoshopped nicely) Isn't the model pretty? Elisa is studying at LSE (London School of Economics) Smart, beautiful, friendly, speaks English & French... what more can you ask from a girl!

To clarify things, this photoshoot was done for my accessories design brand : Fawn&Fauna.
And the website will be up hopefully by end May if not mid-June. I'm not terribly great at website design... So bare with me. I shall try to upload photos of my jewellery pieces soon, my model and makeup artist loved them so much, they wanted to buy it off me on the spot. However, I was hoping to keep it until my launch. =D They offered to pay way more than what I had intended. Makes me smile that my designs are appreciated.

Anyways back to the shoot, there were 3 outfits, didn't take any random photos on my digi cam for the first one, so I shall upload them soon for your pleasurable viewing.

Back to graphic design work then to sleep, cause I gotta go to work tomorrow for a whole day.

Good night world!


Saturday, 3 May 2008

I Love French Everything!

If you haven't checked it out... go now now now. Satellite Paris makes one of the most gorgeous jewellery I have ever seen.

I bought this ring at their concession at Selfridges yesterday and haven't taken it off since! I had a similar piece that I bought for 5bucks at a Zouk flea market a few years back, but broke it =(. This is even prettier, so it totally made my day!

Each of their pieces are handmade and even come with a one year warranty! Awesome! Apparently they have concessions all over the world, so do take a look if it's in your country!

Too many skirts, Too little cash

ASOS ('A'-'SOS' as Ana pronounces it) has done it for me again. Featured in Cosmopolitan, I thought this dress was a must have! However, finding a sweater to match it was difficult as I left my light brown cardigan in Singapore. (Having too many clothes can sometimes lead to forgetting one or two outfits... not to mention CRUCIAL pieces) So the blue one had to do... *sigh*

Today's mission was to find wayfarers and a spring dress for the photoshoot which is tomorrow!! I'm panicking right now... trying to make all the accessories and outfits ready as well as trying to figure out solutions for my school work... my brain is totally fried.

Dress: ASOS
Cardigan: Mango
Belt: Mum's vintage

While dragging my tired soles around London, I was enticed to enter Topshop again. (Topshop is eevvviilll)

They were having a sale and lucky lucky me, the skirt I had wanted was being sold at 40% its original price (49GBP to 20GBP. Praise the Gawd of Fashion!) I saw another skirt by the same brand, Des Moines, and had to have it too! Greedy greedy greedy!

My skirt fetish has got to stop! Well... or at least take it down a notch. I should move on back to a cheaper alternative... chocolate.... Hmmmm

Friday, 2 May 2008

Tailored jackets

My mum is going Shanghai on Tuesday, so I decided to ask her to tailor make some jackets for me, while her friends make their cheongsams. The first is a Marc Jacobs military jacket from a few years back which was worn by Emma Watson. Till today, I still love this piece so so much... so I still have to have it and if it can be made way cheaper... why not.

Another suit I love is this one by Rag&Bone, one of my favourite brands... I absolutely adore the shorts...! Not really sure if I wanna make this, cause you can't wear shorts like this to work.... -__-" *Ponders*

Oh well, but I'm definitely making the military jacket!! Can't wait!!