Thursday, 20 November 2008

Room to Be

This is another entry about my room and interior decorating stuff. Warning: Don't carry on if you don't like looking at pictures of very pretty rooms/stuff. I'm sorry, I can't help myself. I'm so obsessed now, but then again who wouldn't when you have absolute creative freedom (which probably would also be my absolute weakness). I'll try to make this as least painful and most interesting as I can.... here goess.....

Here's my bathroom so far, as you can see I've used the small blue and white tiles. Kinda looks like a swimming pool right now don't yer think?


Here's the room itself, which now has the loft securely in place... without the stairs.....yet...
Work is going slower than expected. We've come to think that since the contractor thought my parents would be away for some time, they could slack off abit. Well too bad suckas, cause my mum's back and she will show you no mercy!!
*insert: rolling of eyes*


Here's some inspiration courtesy of Apartment Therapy, Decorology and Daisy Pink Cupcake

I used to paint my walls so many different colours! Once I painted them half yellow and half green to represent a field of sunflowers. Sounds like a nice idea? No one else liked it =( But now I know, always keep your walls white. Unless you're the sort who loves to change wall colours ever so often and that's not me!

Accent the white with overload of prints and bold colours on furniture!

Love the curtain right next to the bed to shade from the sun, though I don't think I need it.

I think this is closest to my personal taste. Prints and colours everywhere! Actually in my world, everything is everywhere... ha!

I want this bedframe and bedside drawer... Does anywhere in Singapore have it? o__O

Kids room... I wish my room looked like that once upon a time. oo... no pun intended. *fairy tale joke... oh gawd ezra i sound like you*

Now for the work space downstairs!

I'm going to get loads of shelves from Ikea, 1 work table and one computer table... wait I definitely need more than that... hmmm...
I love how everything is organized. I got glass jars too to put in buttons, trimms and whatnot...

Customize your clipboards with decorative paper and put them all over your wall. Cause I'm gonna!

I love chalk, but it's so messy, so I was thinking of using corkboard material instead. Hope that's possible! hehe.

Mirrors on the stairs seem really sweet, but I think it'd freak me out alot in the evenings. Eek.

I want to get these curtains made. Aren't they pretty?!

So that's it for now. I can't wait till the construction is all done, then I can focus on the important things! Oh and by the way, I'm feeling much better now. Yesterday I had to go back into the hospital because I ended up with a worse infection and was put on a drip but today I'm fine and dandy... except... I'm trippin'. FOR REAL! Like... I feel like I'm floating and everything's kinda moving just a bit...Ezra and my Mum say it's cause I've got too much medication in my body right now. hehehe. But anyways, I still have to get alot of rest, so later everyone! xoxo


saray said...

These curtains are stuning! I want them..

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Anonymous said...

The curtains are ace, wow. And i'm jealous you get so many tables. I need another table to cut and do my messy things on. Sigh.