Monday, 3 November 2008

'If i don't eat i might as well die.' -Melly

(The title of today's entry made me laugh hysterically and even when I think about it I still giggle a little. YOU SOUND EXACTLY LIKE ME, Melly! =P *hugs*)

Today while men were moving furniture out of my room, I headed over to Ezra's place thinking I would be able to get some work done. Nope, fell dead asleep! I'm still sleepy though. Looks like the previous day of moving stuff drained the life out of me. The only reason I feel so is cause I have no stamina and am totally lazy. This, I will definitely admit to. =P

The highlight of the day was our monthly "indulgent dinner".

The location: Sun With Moon Japanese Restaurant, Wheelock Place.
Target audience: yuppie guppies, couples and families
(with kids that aren't kids anymore, in other words, No babies or kids clanging on the table)
Price Range: Dinner for 2pax around 30-50sgd each.
Ambience: Mature, almost romantic dining setting
Perks: You don't have to order alot to feel full. Portions are just nice. Service is excellent!
DePerks: Sashimi is fresh as heaven, but expensive as hell. Toro is 45.90SGD for just 3 pieces. Ouch.

Here are some photos! =D



All in all, one of the best dining experiences I've had and on the list for our favourite restaurants. It's obvious that I highly recommend it!


Visual reasons why I need a bowler hat!


Photo credits: Cherry Blossom Girl, Style Rookie

If anyone knows where I can get my hands on a bowler hat, please let me know!

Go go away Monday Blues!


Betsey said...

your blog is just lovely!!
thanks for your comment!
i hadn't actually heard that about coke and diet coke...ahh! well it does make me feel better to be drinking diet i hope i never find out if its true or not! how depressing!

clareassiral said...

girl, you're making me hungry in the morning with those food! anyway, try your luck at forever21 their hats are priced reasonably but from what i remember the current ones in store are flapper hats (I WANT!) and Fedoras. what about the store at taka, near mos burger.


WOTTON said...

AHMAGAWD you're back! i almost stopped checking ): hahah. anyway. a few things i neeeeeeed to tell you
- i love your new hair. it frames your face so well and you look adorable!
- i wish i saw you and larissa and melly at bianca! but unfortunately i was late ):
- i need to go to front row now!

Anonymous said...

sorry that was me :x oh and i went to sun too! their food and decor is exquisiteeeeeee.

Anonymous said...

Gahahahahaha, oh i love love love sun with moon too! okay despite me saying the other day i dislike Jap, sun with moon is good.

Alix is so cute i cannot stand it.

Bella said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment! And I can definitely see why you want that hat! Gorgeous!!!

Sarah said...

Larissa: Thanks for the info. I shall check it out very soon! Wheeee....

Jo&Sarah (don't know whose writing. hehe):
-Thanks. It was a big risk
-There will be many more opportunities to meet up I'm sure
-Front Row. Go Go Go!

You're so cute I cannot stand it! hahaha... Japanese Rocks K?! =)