Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Take It Easy B*tches!

This is my current obsession. I should really catch him perform in London soon! X___<

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

pendants and chains

So some of you are wondering...what exactly do I make during my work?

This is a sample that I knicked for a day from my work place. Sold one already a day after I made it and this is actually an order that was placed by another customer.

It's not my particular favourite but  some ladies love it. =D Just experimenting with technicality and creativity. 

Cost to make it: Free beads from customers, Pendant (2.50GBP), chain (2GBP) . Retail price????? Ohhohohohoho 45GBP. Meh. Dont get commission but at least i get my pay raise. >__<

Show you more when I can! =P
And this is me. With my new bags and once-pink-now-dark-blonde highlights!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Gadget Girl

Wanted to get a sidekick, but I think this is way more mature and suitable for me. The Samsungf700! Yes, I am abit mad! I got a new price plan which is gonna last 18 months. And you're thinking you mad woman.. you're leaving in 4 months.

Well you really never know do you? =D Whatever, I just really love this!

BECAUSE I'M GADGET GIRL. F*ck the Iphone. I'm so over it.

*Must work harder, earn more money to buy leather jacket and boots...* GRRRR...

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Darling V.2

My newest version of Darling! I thought the old design was kinda lackluster. I hate looking at designs too long cause they make me go UGH after awhile. So I really wanted to bring it up a notch. 

Now it looks more french and I'm really happy with the outcome. Will upload the full project when I'm done!! Wish me luck!

Failure brings about Success

Been working at the old Jewellery place...
and withstanding the crazy antics of my boss.

I don't know why... but suddenly,
my jewellery skills and creativity has reached new levels!

The first necklace I made of late, sold the following day.
The second as well and the third in the week.
The fourth one also sold the following day of its creation.

And the profits I'm making for her...ARE UP THE ROOF. 
One as much as 800% of the original price.

One question:
I love what I'm making...
but... it's been sold under her name!!
It makes me frustrated...

I did ask for a pay raise...
and my explanation being: "I'm using my designs."
Her answer being: "Yeah but they are my stones."
In my head I'm like..."Look biatch! I could get 'em stones too!"

Unfortunately, though I would like my own clientele...
Everytime she sells those necklaces... I'm not there!!

The next time I'm there and the client buys from me,
I'm gonna take her as my own!

GOAL: To be featured in VOGUE UK.
I really wanna be able to have enough publicity to start my own line.


Thanks for telling me that I'm talented and you really like both my jewellery and graphic design work.
Your encouragement is really motivating!! And you mi'lady are talented in all the things I wish I could be!!
We are gonna ROCK the fashion world!!! So if you get there before me, don't forget the little people! =P
Love yer! xoxo


London is cold as hell. Shaking like a leaf.... all the time!!!!!
I miss Singapore... the warmth, the closure.
Feel like an open book now.
So many problems, so many things to deal with, just one person.
I miss people, I miss the touch of familiarity. 
At the end of the day, I am alone. Everything else is just a facade.
I don't go out. I don't party. That Sarah has disappeared.
But maybe that's what I want it to be like. The wall is forming.
Feeling vulnerable but the wall is beginning to build itself up again.
Confidence on the outside hides insecurities on the inside.
I can't see my future so I can only live one day at a time.

It is hard to be so far away from home........ from people I love.

But like my mum said to me: "Be strong. 
No matter what is thrown at you, smile and say thank you."

Saturday, 16 February 2008

You said it

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Buy my organs!

Redid my debt poster. Think it looks 100 times better now! =D

Dearest Darling

Alrighties, here's one of the latest productions from Moi.

Brief: Branding, packaging for new range of female sanitary items (Towels, non-applicator tampons, tampons) which should not allow women to feel shy about carrying them around.

So far I've only managed sanitary towels and their individual packaging...

My concept is something luxurious. They look like individually sealed make-up cases that you can hold in your hand or your pocket in restaurants and not feel shy about it at all.

I personally think they are really pretty. "Sealed with love." Obviously there's more from where this came from, but I will continue working hard till the competition deadline is due. 

Saturday, 9 February 2008


My new favourite phrase: He's got issues! More issues than the magazine rack in a dentist's office!

Friday, 8 February 2008

Bunnies, Chocolates & Compliments

Note to self:

Stop buying things just cause they are cute but will indefinitely tempt you to eat chocolates.

Damn you M&S and your Easter bunny chocolates!


My tutor said to me:"how come you didn't take fashion design? I think you should consider taking that after this..."

That was random, but I'll take it as a random compliment. =D

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Time Scaled

This took me forever to do. You have to enlarge it though to see... this represents 2008. There are exactly 365 days of dates. And... each numbers have 24 numbers which are the 24 hours in a day. (duh!) The numbers are colour coordinated according to sleep, leisure time, work time, travelling time and household chores. And it really is accurate according to what an average working adult would do. Wish I could show you bigger, but... the file is HUGE. A1 size is the way to go....Not completely done yet... but I'll show you again when it is edited. 

Happy Thursday!

The tutorial which I have been working my ass off has finished. Although the final portfolio hand-in is next Tuesday, Im taking a few hours off to finally have photos to upload on this blog....

Anyways... how do I relax...? Some people have alcohol, I have shopping! It's CNY for Gawd's sake! 

Featured in the March issue of Vogue UK, I immediately went to John Lewis to purchase the newest Chloe parfum! To my surprise, it's only available on 1st of March, but what luck, the first batch was exclusively sold at Harrods! So I went over to South Kensington and bought the parfum as well as shower gel! Ohhh lush, this is the best fragrance I have ever had. I definitely recommended it especially for Spring! I also got Bobbi Brown eye cream, Mac eyeliner and concealer, considering how my lack of sleep has caused my eyes to swell and darken, I soooo needed something to make me look semi-alive again!
So in order to do more research on packaging, I went looking for French designed products. 

First stop, Laduree which is famous for their sweets, especially the lush macaroons. When I saw this, I had to buy it... It was a Valentine's Day Special and although I absolutely HATE Valentine's Day, it twas too cute to pass up. Haven't touched the chocolates at all though... =P 

Next stop, the ever chic and luxurious Fornum and Mason, which sells the most expensive teas, chocolates, housewhole items... bought a beautiful tin of tea. Also a cute package of jellybeans! The jellybeans are for one of my projects, don't really intend on eating them. Not a fan of 'em beans


So let me introduce you to one of my projects, this is for the D&AD Ted Baker brief of re-designing their packaging. I made a female version and a male version. This "paperbag" doubles up as a reusable folder which you can use on a normal day. Nice patterns huh? Imagine how long it took me to do them!!

The carrying style varies as well. It's either off-shoulder or could be slung as a messenger. I love it so much gonna use it for myself after the hand in!

So anyways, Finally decided to cam-whore after so bloody long! Yesh, my shiny forehead is saying: HI!

Hugs&kisses everyone!!!!!

Monday, 4 February 2008

Work like a Rockstar

This year is the year of the ROCK STAR! I've decided that I'm gonna change my style again (not like I don't do that on a daily basis). I'm en route towards becoming a skinny hoe and party like a rock star!


Lately I've been feeling nothing. Particularly empty. Not happy. Not sad. Not attempting to feeling happy. Not open to feeling sad. Maybe though, I have been feeling angsty. So don't try berating me or I'm gonna snap at you and it's not gonna be pretty.

I had a conversation with a friend.

Me: "I used to be quite cold towards everything, only focusing on myself and my work. But now, I've become an emotional wreck. I don't know how to deter back to my old goals."
VA: "Looks like someone fell in love."
Me: "Yeah..."
VA: "All I'm going to say is leaders must lead. You're only lost because you're not meant to follow."

Don't know if that is a compliment or not, but thanks VA! You woke me up!


Sorry girls, not going back in March for my hollys. Now the pressure is on! My parents are like stressing me out about doing well for third year. I think I'm gonna die! Gonna bust my butt....

Love year all!


I absolutely hate men who use condescending tones when they talk to women.
They give the whole:"I'm better than you so you better listen to me" attitude.

Well you know what.
Cause you're not better than me.

Go stroke ur own ego with someone else.