Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Raining Boom Booms!


Actually, I take that back, please vamoose moose! I was having supper with the girls this evening and suddenly, the wind picked up and in a second, it was heavy downpour with winds howling, thus everyone and everything got wet. I was already feeling very much less than glamorous, but at least we did have a good laugh.

Renovation stuff has been killing me because contractors are such sneaky icky people to work with and my aunt's catalogue job has been less than fun of late cause it was way more work than I expected. Plus, she carried the deadline forward. I am so screwed! But whatever hardworking molecules in my brain and body must prevail! YARGHS!

Yup, another one of my creations... I'm having so much fun cutting acrylic. It was suppose to be a necklace but I forgot to cut a whole at the top. Silly Silly Me!!



Anyways, random shoeage. Why are pretty things so expensive?! Waiting for X'mas sale which shouldn't be too long coming... Anyone else in Singapore going to buy stuff from ASOS, please holah. I need these pair of shoes which I have nicknamed BOomBooMs!

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She's Dressing Up said...

Lovely acrylic brooch! I hate the rain =[.