Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Childish Disposition

So today I was obliged to stay at home and withstand the drilling noise the whole day. This is cause since it is MY ROOM that is under renovation, I can't just let my parents stay at home and suffer for me. Since they weren't exactly in a great mood, considering my dad had just returned from France this morning and my mum, well in general isn't very happy with me, I got severe tongue lashing throughout the earlier half of the day for no apparent reason. Thus, I retreated to the comforts of my room and continued with my work. Boo... there went my initial plan to head over to Aisyah's to get some serious work done.

Anyways, here's a series of photos from a Vogue Nippon Yummy Mummies Special.





Does anyone else feel kinda freaked out by photos like these? I mean look at these girls, they're like 20 year old models in a 6-9 year old's body. Sure they're cute, but they look kinda like mini-Stepford wives and that is not a good thing! But besides that, I love the backdrop and props! I would surely love to live in a house like that.

By the way, see the envelope in the last photo, it's actually a Kate Spade clutch, Tarrytown Nikolette. I couldn't find this particularly pattern, but click here for the design in black and grey.


Talking about child models...
Here's a page from Influence (which I bought from Borders for 60SGD after discount. Sold out at Kinokuniya!), of the Child Star turned Fashion Icon -
Ashley Olsen

Yesh, I will Ashley!

For all you other Olsen fans, do check out this amazing blog Olsens Annonymous!


Anyways, I'm looking for a new necklace! Preferably just a pendant on a long chain. Nothing too fancy, not too bulky but not too small either. Ezra wanted to get the Pumpkin necklace from Disney Couture, but we're not sure how big the pendant is and there's no way of checking. Plus, the orange one is sold out. Sad =( So if you know of any website or local Singapore boutique that has a selection of necklaces which have the similar aesthetics as these from DC, please let me know!! Thanks!

Photo courtesy of Regencies


Anonymous said...

haha i wish i had a purple puppy

Bella said...

Wow the photos are very interesting... beautifully done.

But yes that little purple puppy is adorable!!! And thank yo for your lovely comment... wow, made my day!!

She's Dressing Up said...

The child model's face is scary!
I cant wait to get Influence!

geri said...

i LOVE vogue nipons spread. they are always so fab!

clareassiral said...

i want that white dress with that big black bow too! buy two if you find one in your size!!

Ivania said...

ahhhw those kiddie pics are cute... but some FREAK ME OUT!

Bella Doll said...

Hey ladies, I just found this new awesome site where you can find all the cute Disney Couture jewelry like the Cinderella Pumpkin necklace. Go check out www.labuzzshop.com.

Anonymous said...

I bet Influence is sold out at Borders too now, why am i so slow with these things.