Sunday, 30 November 2008

Awaiting Elizabeth & James

X'mas definitely came early this year! My present from Ezra which I'm over the moon & maybe even Mars about. Shopbop is having a crazy wonderful sale that should not be missed, especially when you live in the States, considering you have free ground shipping. I am so very jealous. So anways this Elizabeth&James shrug/cardigan/or whatever you call it was priced at US$418 and the price went down to US$125... I immediately started having fits and called Ezra straight away to tell him of my find. I was so happy when he said he was going to get it for me!

And lucky lucky me, I got the last one in CEMENT GREY colour! Can't wait for it to arrive. Look how pretty the collar trimmings are, just like birds' feathers. Sweet...



So today I woke up early to head to the Fresh Market to get ingredients for pasta that I was helping Ezra make for a party he attended this evening. Although, I feel so out of place there, considering my age and what I wore ( tee & vintage dress, belt), I love going to the market. It's so much better than the super market in terms of the price, freshness and people. Most of the regular stores that my mum and I visit know me quite well, which makes me feel really welcomed especially when they make conversation.

Anyways here's what I was wearing when I went to meet Jasmine & Charlotte after.

Nothing fancy. Embracing the slightly cooler weather, I busted out my mum's vintage jacket. Can I just say... let's bring back ballet flats... it's so sad so few people wear them anymore... Anyways, this is the bag I had sewn, with tassel trimmings and silver studs. The studding was such a pain in the ass cause everything had to be straight rows and as you can see, one has unfortunately dropped off. Fortunately for extras lying around my room. =)


the Chanel clutch I must get for myself IN THIS LIFETIME, or better yet in the next 5 years or so. I can't get over it... it's heaven made of leather.



Anonymous said...

lucky girl!

The Clothes Horse said...

Lovely colors in your outfit and that cardigan does seem quite special. Also, I am a fan of the clutch.

Bella said...

Loving the clutch... but, wow, the stud-tassle combination is fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

that's a beautiful cardigan! it's channels pochahontas chic lol.