Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The "Patriot"

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Singapore's National Day is coming and I decided to put together a red and white outfit. (For those who don't know, the Singapore flag is red and white with a crescent moon and stars) In the middle of the night, I got a piece of red fabric that I had brought back from London (supposedly to make a military vest) and turned it into a MiuMiu inspired skirt. I thought it was gonna fail tragically, but it turned out pretty alright!

I had never made a skirt before, but now that I've learnt to make a basic one, I can't stop!

Went to Spotlight (Singapore's version of Mood Fabrics USA/Cloth House London) and went crazy fabric shopping! I have so many projects on my hands right now... maybe abit too ambitious but I am Sooooo thrilled! Working on a military-esque tote bag now! Can't wait to show you!

Top: Topshop
Skirt: Home sewn
Belt: Primark
Bag: Japan
Shoes: Heatwave

Check out my toe nails! Pink, blue, yellow, green and orange! Looks like M&Ms =D

Tomorrow the renovation crew is coming in to see what changes they can do to my room to make it more like a work studio. Might have to say Bye bye bed!

"You wanna make me happy, gimme food. Nom nom nom nom."

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sunday Prayers

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Today my cousin and I followed my mum to the temple. While she was chatting with the nun there, we took the opportunity to have some fun. Who said going to the temple wasn't fun?!

We loved our ghetto slippers. His has some kind of fake Hello Kitty prints on them... which he comment on as "makes my feet look so pretty." I guess old school bedroom slippers are still the most comfortable! =D

Can't get enough of my H&M skirt. As much as I would love to walk around in a mini, lately, I've been feeling abit of a haffer. /sigh. I've always thought I never looked good in Tee-shirts but have found renewed faith in tees with those from Urban Outfitters. Thank you Aisyah for bringing this one home for me! =D Aren't the prints awesome? =D

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Poor Little Rich Girl

Lauren Conrad has always fascinated me... fascinated me with the fact that she gets her own apparel line when she only wears basics with the most basic silhouettes.

Her personality on TV has always been abit questionable (I have always felt that she acts like the poor little rich girl whom deep down is quite a b*tch... with the way she treated Heidi and Audrina)

My thoughts have been confirmed. Read here to find out why! =D

Let's do it again!

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It feels nice when your friends get high and you can't stop laughing... at them!!

Friday, 25 July 2008

Viktor & Rolf for Shu Uemura

One thing I love about being home... is being able to drive. *Now if I can just figure out how to do parallel parking...*

My cousin took this picture when I just parked the car in Orchard road. He had to keep it as a souvenir for surviving a ride in my car... Note: I am NOT a bad driver... not the best, but definitely not the worst!

Today I went browsing with the cousin in Orchard Road, in hopes of finding him the 11th pair of Nike dunks to add to his massively EXPENSIVE collection. (And boys talk about girls and their shoes... jeez)

He couldn't find anything... but I found something that has made my month! When I was back in London, I had gotten wind of the Viktor & Rolf limited edition lashes for Shu Uemura... but never really had the time to go take a look, but the assumption was... there wouldn't be any left anyways... Then went I went to Japan, it was completely sold out. Like duh... What was I thinking?! The capital city of fake lashes having any left...... Obviously not! Then I looked around in Singapore... Tangs was sold out of the paperclip-lashes and told me to head to Isetan. I was fortunately to have 1 of the last 2 pairs!

Why I chose the paperclip pair? Well I thought it was the most unique and probably closest to my persona and style. The first pair I feel is more for the party girl... the hostess of the ball... And I being more mellow than I've ever been in my life.. didn't want to to harsh it! The third pair... is for the belle of the ball... the girly sweetheart with flowers in her hair. The pair I chose... I feel.. is for the girl whose naturally different from the crowd... seemingly awkward to everyone else, yet fascinating. You would think I'm praising myself.. well It's my blog... so I'll scream praises if I want to!

I'm saving this pair for all those special occasions. Honestly, I can't wait to try them on but they're like a piece of artwork you don't want to ever risk destroying. If you see them, love them... what you waiting for?!

p.s: Shu Uemura puts them on for you for free as many times as you require them to! That's what I call... good service!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Mid Week Blues

Pam Love: Not really sure on who she is, but she was highlight of UrbanOutfitters latest online newsletter. Whoever she is, I love her style (kinda reminds me a more polished Amy Winehouse somehow!)

And I need some help... bought this military waistcoat from Topshop a week or so back, but am abit helpless on how to wear it without looking like I'm tying too hard....

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Luella Pinked

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Finally got to watch The Dark Knight today! I feel like one of the last few Singaporeans to... As much as I was tempted to dress towards a batman-sort-of-theme, I was feeling even more ill this evening (didn't even get to wearing my heels cause I thought I might pass out and fall to my "fashionable death") and was too oozy to think.

However, I took the opportunity of having the sniffles to wear my new Luella cardigan(which was on sale at 50% off!).
I wanted to purchase the batman logo cardigan, but they were sadly all sold out. Initially, I was having second thoughts of getting it because it's pink and pink to me is a no go, but who knew I could pull of pink that decently! Then again, maybe it's just LUELLA PINK! (That's the official shade of pink for Luella, according to me!)

Cardigan: Luella
Dress: WoodWood
Sandals: Junction 8

Hope everyone had a great weekend cause I DID!

Casual Cool

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I've been feeling ill for the past 2 days and deciding only to have four hours of sleep for the night, was not a good decision! I tend to get sniffly when I come back here... which is really gross when your body is already releasing excessive amounts of bodily fluids (yes, I mean perspiration =P), while your nose is running...... ew, I know... Really unglamorous sight to behold..... I'm sorry I had to put that image in your head.

So anyways, pardon the digression... =D

My mum got a pair of sandals on sale at Massimo Dutti when we were in London because her plan to get the same pair as mine, failed. It's a good thing we wear the same size in terms of apparel and footwear cause that way we can share our stuff! (we use it as an excuse to buy slightly more expensive clothes.)

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What I love about opening my luggage is finding random articles of clothing/accessories hidden in nooks and crannies of it. You'd be surprised... my luggage is like Barney's (the purple dinosaur) magical bag... you never know what you're gonna find and it's always pleasantly surprising. So scrunched up in a ball, was THE American Apparel skirt... I thought I'd try wearing it again, although something about it just doesn't feel quite right on me (in my opinion). Probably cause I'm really not used to wearing casual knits like these... Oh well...

I wanna sell it for 25SGD to anyone in Singapore. If interested, drop me an email or something something!! =)

Tee: Urban Outfitters US
Skirt: American Apparel
Belt: Chloe
Sandals: Massimo Dutti

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Here's a picture of Brian's sister's cat which I knicked of Charlotte's blog. It made me laugh so hard and is now my official desktop wallpaper! Hope it was able to make you smile too!


Saturday, 19 July 2008

Graduate of 2008

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It's official. I am now a B(A) Graphic Design graduate for the class of 2008, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.... aka "Fresh Meat". Now if I could just find me a job...

Dress: WoodWoods
Belt: Chinatown
Blazer: Comme Ca
Bag: WoodWoods
Shoes: Massimo Dutti


To all my Londoners:

I miss everyone already. Hope yer all are doing great... Life is like London weather, you never know when it's gonna change. But don't play it safe and bring an umbrella cause it's always more fun to walk in the rain! RAWR. Love yer all! And I will come back to visit real soon now yer hear!

Rain Rain Go Away

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As I didn't have time to take pictures this morning, I figured I'd do it in the afternoon. The thing about Singapore weather which is pretty similar to London is the sudden unpredictable downpour of rain. Thus as you can see, I'm drenched! Even so, I didn't look that bad as I thought I would so if you could just try your very hardest to look past the blotches of water marks and insanely sheer blouse, you might find my outfit more... how should I say this, well put together?

I hadn't worn this skirt in ages, but I knew it would go really well with my new Chloe belt. I like this ensemble... Gonna wear it and take a way better picture of it again! Tralala


Top: Topshop
Skirt: H&M
Belt: Chloe

Thursday, 10 July 2008

A treasure in The Hills

If you watch The Hills, you would have came across the episode where LC helps Whitney with a fashion show for Whitley Kros.

I loved her collection, especially the military tops, so I had to click her out on the web.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, her collection is out of my grasps right now. Check her out NOW! =D

I heart woodwood

Since I came back from Fukuoka, a new wave of business has hit me. My relatives from Holland are here for a short stay, thus I am in charge of host duty (at least for my 16 year old cuz). But before they arrived, I made my way to my favourite store in Singapore, woodwood. Located in Far East Plaza, this place is a haven for the sweetest, cutest dresses at very affordable prices, ranging from 45-60.
I bought a dress on sale for just 15 bucks which I'm wearing tonight for dinner, amongst 2 others you see below. *giggles*

I seriously want everything in that shop, especially the bags designed by their in-house designer. They come in 3 colours/prints. I want the dark leather one! Priced at $256, I have to save up money for it first. So hard when you're also in love with everything else in the store.

So if you're in Singapore, you have to take a look!

p.s my birthday is around the corner... COULD SOMEONE BUY ME THAT GORGEOUS BAG PLEASE?! =D~~~~


Tuesday, 8 July 2008

D&G Clan

I am in love with this whole A/W collection from D&G. Ana was right with her trend forecast that plaid would be the next big thing. These dresses are similar to the one I was making for myself (Colour similar to first picture) which has been on hold cause I left it in my other luggage in London. Grrr...

But anyways, I am so getting those stockings!!!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Gone Shopping!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPicToday was another shopping day! Shockingly enough, I didn't buy any clothes, just random stuff at the 100yen shop as well as headphones/psp case/polaroid film from Todoyashi. Though we did do alot of walking, I figured we went gonna climb up some mountain or hill, so I could wear a skirt!

Ballet flats for the day, Gladiator sandals for the evening! =D

Top: H&M
Skirt: Vintage @ East End Thrift Store
Belt: Mum's
Bag: Long Champ

Travelling Easy

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPicYesterday we had to take a long... well 30 minutes isn't long actually... train journey to Fukuoka Temple/Shrine/Museum in Dazaifu area. So because of the amount of walking I predicted we'd be doing... I had to dress real comfortably without looking too much of a fashion let-down. So in my bag i stashed my usual goodies: Ipod, PSP, Glasses, 'I love tea' organizer, drawing pen, Chanel lipgloss, LV card case, Muji biscuits and... IRONMAN, never leave home without him.

So the trip's going pretty well so far. I have my ramen once a day at least! Good lord.. it's sooo tasty! Trying to upload photos is abit of a trip over here cause the internet doesnt encourage it... but will update way more when I'm back! One more day of shopping! I'm ready....... here.... we... go!

Tee-shirt: American Apparel
Vest: Vintage ebay
Belt: Mum's
Bag: Japan
Shoes: Massimo Dutti

Thursday, 3 July 2008

One more Pair of Gladiators please

One of Kate Lanphear's obsessions:
Balenciaga spring/summer 2008 collection5. Anything and everything studded."I have zero control. I couldn't pay my rent this summer because I had to have the Balenciaga gladiators in every color available."

That's when I knew I had to get a pair and with Japan being capital of Gladiator sandals at the moment, I was spoiled with choices. I settled for this pair which wasn't too high but definitely fierce. Can't wait to wear them tomorrow!

Rawr!Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Here and Gone.

I'm back in Singapore and trust me when I say it's too hot for comfort. Even so, I do prefer it to English weather any day. At least it's predictable... hot or hot.

Anyways, sorry for the lack of updates. Suffering from serious jetlag and sleeping is undeniably the only thing on my mind. I'm held against my will by the sleep bug and it ain't pretty.

So today I managed to spend a few hours up to get my hair done. Plus go down to Kinokuniya@Takashimaya to browse the magazines. As I made my way there, I passed by the cutest range of golf bags I have ever laid my eyes on. They make me wanna take golf up again! *Drools.*

The Japanese graphics are oh so pretty, speaking of which... I'm leaving for Fukuoka, Japan tonight. Was a totally last minute decision on my parents' part and as much as I would honestly, want to spend the next 2 weeks sleeping before graduation, I have to have quality time with the family, or else...

It's like "Why are you complaining when it's Japan?"

I don't know... maybe cause I'm really tired. Have not been to Fukuoka yet, but thankfully it's not like Tokyo. I don't think my mind/body is ready for chaos again just yet.


Enough blabber, my vintage dress arrived right before I left for London. Thank Gawd I was still there because the ebay seller made a mistake of sending it to my London address instead of the Singapore one.

It's so pretty no??! Plus I bought a pair of T-bar heels from Aldo. They did give me blisters on the sides, but I'm insistent that that's just cause they're new!

Anyways I'll be blogging from Japan, so expect loads of pictures!! =D