Wednesday, 30 April 2008

"Environment friendly IT" bag

After years of insisting I can't use the sewing machine for crap even if my life depended on it, I had no choice but to face my fear because my college life did depend on it. I found out that the more simple the sewing machine, the better I can sew. Old school sewing machines give me less of a headache than those modern ones with all those buttons, switches and whatever stupid knobs.

Anyways, the bag u see.... I sewed it from scratch... Amazing job I must say for someone in denial.

This bag is just a preview of what I will be selling on my website which will not be up yet till End May. I will definitely provide better pictures of it once the photoshoot is over.

It's 12GBP which is 30SGD. Some of u might think, boy that's rather expensive... but I made it from scratch. Pricked my finger a few times while my thumbs are suffering from some sort of muscle spasm (keeps twitching... like I overused my thumb or somerthing??? >__< I don't know, it's seriously weirding me out too.) Anyways, if you want cheap mass produced stuff.. Go to China.... -__-" I'm only gonna be selling 10 of these...

Made from good quality cotton, 36x38cm. And the deer you see... yeah.. I drew that too... Who knew I could still draw...=D

To make it more appealing, better photos will be up. But if you already like what you see, please contact me at

p.s my fawn and fauna logo is suppose to be near the dears feet on the right... but.. I forgot about it. =D Will put again.

Alrighties, everyone have a nice Thursday!

Where is he?!

Gawd help us all. This trailer made me rofl. Can't wait to watch it. Dare I say it... more excited I am, than for Sex and the City! XD

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Jude Law made my Tuesday!

Today I didn't have to go to work or college, but did have to drag my ass into central London to get some art supplies and groceries. So I got to wear my shorts out again! And of course my boots which I am soooo obsessed with right now.

The super perk of today was:
I wanted so very badly to ask him to take a picture with me, but was feeling rather shy about the whole thing. *Sighs* Trust me when I say he's much better looking in real life than on screen. Although, maybe it wasn't him, though I am 99% sure it was. Finally, I got my own celebrity sighting in London!

You like my blazer? I customized it myself with buttons and the navy emblem brooch. Got comments from customers at work that they really like it, thinking it was tailored. Nope, it as from Uniqlo and a size XS surprisingly!

And... the other day at the haberdashery store, I was lucky to finally find the leather tassle that I had been hunting down for ages. It's for this necklace you see I had made myself. Rather expensive piece of find,but I absolutely adore it! =D Although... i haven't exactly hung it properly yet.... =D

Oh what a good Tuesday it's been.

Scarf: H&M
Blazer: Customized Uniqlo
Tee: H&M
Shorts: A&F
Boots: Purple Clothing, Tokyo
Bag: Somewhere in Far East S.C =D (love it!)

p.s If you are ever looking for form fitting, comfortable tee-shirts that don't ride up to your boobs =X, Go for H&M. I love my tee-shirts so much.. sleep, do work, go out... my daily staple. plus, its only 4.99GBP!

Saturday, 26 April 2008


My Spring/Summer Apparel Choices

1. I shan't wear black. Winter is over, so I shall stop looking as glum as the weather. Shall only wear it if it's appropriate for the occasion (Black and White party, Dinner party)

2. Wearing my moccasin boots are the joy of Spring, though when it reaches summer, the sandals would have to suffice.

3. Accessorizing is most important. Now that I don't have to pile on clothes like a naked mole rat in the North Pole, I can adorn my bangles, bracelets, necklaces... Although I've never been a big fan of earrings. Somehow I don't like bringing too much attention to my face. Don't ask me why, I'm just weird like that.

4. Buy more tee-shirts that look relatively complimentary on me. Never been much of a tee shirt girl cause I always find most tees too short for my liking. I don't enjoy emphasizing the existence of my love handles.

All in all, I look forward to a colourful Spring/Summer 2008

Alice Going to Wonderland

The weather is getting warmer, however I'm surprised if it might suddenly start raining in the middle of the day. I am so excited about my dress today. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and had to have it!

If everyone is wondering why I patronize dresses so much, it's because a.)Work doesn't allow me to wear jeans. b.) I hate wearing pants cause my figure doesn't allow it.

Today was a very good day at work. I was so busy and got alot of repairs finished and managed to sell quite a few pieces within that hour and a half. The only down side was that the underground train line was under maintenance so my 1/2 journey from work turned into an hour and 15 minutes on 2 buses. Grrrr....

Left my phone under my pillow. Missed 2 phone calls from my parents and 1 call from Rara. Boy, I'm miffed.

But anyways, random thought: I feel like getting a Robin Hood's costume all of a sudden. Hmmmmm...

Dress: Peekaboo Vintage@Topshop
Necklaces: Chanel & Disney Couture
Bracelet: Disney Couture
Bangle: Forever 21

Friday, 25 April 2008

Pirates & Ballerinas

Spent some time today getting some clothes for my fashion photoshoot next Friday. Hopefully it goes very well.

I'm frigging excited cause it's the second time I'm doing styling for a shoot. And in this case, have the freedom to do exactly anything I want! Duh.. cause it's my photoshoot... (No I'm not so vain to be the model...)

I love my kid's pirate hat and this pretty ballerina tutu skirt. The skirt is so full... it was hard even trying to fit it into the very large plastic bag. Don't really know what to do with it after the photoshoot cause it's too big to put into my suitcase. Wish I could keep it though. Oh well... ...

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Is it True?

A Man's john thomas is a representative of a man's ego.
The smaller his john thomas, the bigger his ego.

An Addiction

A reason why I love watching Black Adder over and over again.

If you've never watched it before... where have you been? Best British comedy... well maybe even better than Allo Allo.

Stuff for Stuff

Here's what I've been busy with. My packaging for my stuffssss.

You likeee?? =D

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Royal Pain in my Ass

My mood has been severely dampened. I'm so pissed off that my nose bridge hurts very much due to the rush of blood to my head. My PMS-Queen-of-a-boss has just indirectly accused me of stealing. The necklace that I showed you all in my previous post was the subject of scrutiny. She thought I had taken some pearls from her to make my necklace because she thought she had more pearls than what I had used to make the silver necklace.

Look, bitch... You think I'd be dumb enough to steal something, then afterwhich wear it for you to see, then you are either seriously daft and deranged, growing senile due to rapid aging or all of the above. I can't believe this crap. Even if I were a thief, I think I'd be smart enough to hide my stash. Gawd... I'm miffed.

Too bad I need the money or I'd be leaving her in her stinking lurch. The lurch being the fact that after Ana, no other employee has stayed to be her willing slave.

*Ptttfff* Down with the witch.

Mid-Week Spring

The weather has taken a turn for the better, surprisingly. What would be more surprising is if it actually stays that way.

Finally got to wearing my Spring dress I got from Tokyo. I Looooveee...
As did alot of my colleagues at work...

My boss was late for work again. Sighs. I hate doing openings cause that gives my boss a reason to be late... an hour minimum.

I made a new necklace yesterday. Flat fresh water pearls on 3 strands of gold-plated chains. My boss was oggling at it, as I thought she would so I made a version in silver so she'd think I take initiative to do well for the business.

Actually it was more because I was very bored and she was late. *Fooi*

Back to work!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

White Roses

Saw these pretty white roses at the Habedashery shop and was inspired to make a ring. It turned out to be really pretty....

And I really love it! This is personally for me, but anyone else interested can let me know!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Chilly Sunday

Busy busy busy...

Sewing, jewellerymaking, website design, packaging design, prep for photoshoot...


But the one thing that keeps me sane and inspired is you...

Saturday, 19 April 2008

More Hair Accessories!

Bought a new headband yesterday!

It was more like a strand braid that was supposedly brought in from somewhere in the Middle East?

But it's preeetttyyy....!

My Muse

Everyday I dream of you...
Hoping one day you will be mine...
Oh Yves Saint Laurent, how you tease me
with this beautiful classic creation...

*Le Sigh*

Busy Saturday Morning

It's still freezing cold! Hello... Spring when the hell are you coming.... ?!?!

Today I had to pick my rabbit Poop up from her sitter than send her to a Rabbit Rescue. I am so relieved now, because at least this way I will be able to find her a more reliable/loving home. No, I have not been a very good owner.

Because I knew I had to carry her around in a bulky box for a few hours, I went for the most casual yet I could sit-like-a-Chinese-labourer-yet-not-be-exposed outfit.

Jacket: Fornarina
Hoodie: Abercrombie & Fitch
Scarf: Absolute Vintage
Tee: Homemade ( I love royal mail) Tee *note: I do actually HATE them*
Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch
Boots: Purple Clothing from Tokyo

I know I look like I just got ran down by a bus. Do forgive me for I've had a tiring morning carrying my rabbit in her box, my gawd heavy bag and groceries!

Love yer load, Poop! Hope Christine can find you a good home soon!

And Like OH MY GAWD: This Month's TOTAL WANT:

Luella/Tonic T-shirt *thrills* Get it here! I really want one.. but I promised my dad I wouldn't use the credit card anymore unless it's dire emergency! Sighs sighs!

Thursday, 17 April 2008


Take note:

When arguing with your girlfriend/wife, remember this.
Is she really arguing about the issue at hand or the issue she THINKS she's arguing about. Decide your words wisely, for it may be your last... =P

30,000ft above

Random doodling on the plane....
*Click to enlarge*


I'm back in my cold room in London. I miss Singapore weather really.... I wish spring would come soon!


And you know what made my day:
Receiving a comment from Aisyah's friend Joanna on Facebook on how she likes my style.

*Smiles and Grins*

Monday, 14 April 2008

Dear Doctor

Today I went to see the doctor. Obviously, me being no stranger to doctors of all sorts, Chinese doctors, Woman doctors, Back doctors, plastic surgeons (...... ahaha. I wish), you're thinking what the hell could be wrong with me again right now?!

Well........ I tell you what's wrong... the bed bugs that had bit me in Tokyo had decided that I deserved to be left itchy for a bloody week and beyond. I've scratching myself like a baboon on crack and huny, it ain't no sight for the faint of heart.

It's HORRI-DI-BLE I tellz youz..........

Anyways my mum being the kancheong spider what she is, asked the doctor why her daughter was so weak. (Well maybe cause you wake her up early in the morning when she only got a mere 4 hours of sleep!!!!) So the doctor immediately suggested a blood test...

OF COURSE HE WOULD............ do you know how many injections I have had in the last 3 years? Probably more than 2 average people get in one lifetime! So there he was trying to find my vain at my elbow joint area or whatever you bio students would coin that "injection hazard site" as and as usual... couldn't find my vein. Most people can't. 1. I have princess arms apparently, cause I don't do housework, my veins are less visible.... What a crock of sh*t... seriously. 2. I have thin veins....

A mishap had to happen... obviously if not what would be the point of this mindless jabber. The doctor sticks the needle in and starts WIGGLING it around... cause the vein has decided to play hide-and-seek. NOT funny okay?! After fussing for a good whole minute whilst my arm loses all feeling and I start seeing white spots......... he takes it out and tells me that it will bruise and swell. What he failed to mention was that my left arm would be quite redundant after...

I took it with a "okay..... what's new?" I mean seriously....... doctors, nurses...... jab wrist, jab hand, jab butt....


My Heart is Here

"OMG Sarah, You're graduating so soon... Aren't you very excited?"

Erm, OMG like... No..

Seriously people... I appreciate the grins and giggles at me graduating... but I'm not excited about it AT ALL. What I will be excited about is... finally coming home, getting a decent job and starting my journey into finding a proper job in the United States of America! My dad keeps hounding me to continue studying, but I'm not comfortable with taking any more money from him. 1. I feel guilty 2. That means he's still the boss of my life. Maybe later on... who knows...

I'm quite excited to go back to London cause I know I have a million things to do, but at the same time I'm extremely sad, more so than other times, because I will miss Ezra so very much. I know I haven't mentioned him on my blog for ages, but the break-up, and everything sweet and painful that came after, was too much for me to comprehend, yet alone write it all without me bursting into tears. I refused to let the world know when I was sad because I know some people out there would smirk at the thought of my unhappiness.

All I wanna say is ... DON EZRA NICHOLAS
No matter how far you are away from me, no matter what pain I have to endure, I will love you always. Our love is something far greater than we could ever imagine and you will always have my heart. I would give anything just to hold your hands, I would give up everything to kiss your lips. I was afraid to tell the world, but this is the risk I have to take. I love you.

Saturday, 12 April 2008


Ironman strikes again!

Let's rock

My look for Spring2008. 

Thursday, 10 April 2008


First drink in months can lead to...

Tomato like skin-colour. Ewws.


Sushi <3 <3

Ana uploaded the photos from like a few weeks back where she and I went for a sushi run...

You can guess who had the higher tower. duhhh...

Oi, mai anikuan can?!

What's this random picture of something about nothing?!

*Ah-hem*I will now announce to the "world" that I have officially turned auntie. Now I knw I have had some minor prior symptoms which have bewildered the most cynical Sarah fans (Ah-haha... yesh, roll your eyes.. I know you love me.)
But today was just the icing on the cake.

There I was going from one bead shop to another bead shop, talking like an auntie with aunties about Gawd knows what. I was switching from Chinese to English and the n Hokkien to Cantonese which I have no recollection of ever having learnt those words. *Shocks & Horrors*

Not only that, visually for the first time in ... what could be years, I was wearing a baggy tee-shirt, with denim shorts and flipflops. Topped off with a hairband that tightly held my fringe back, no make up whatsoever, or rather still the remains of the makeup from clubbing the night before... and ........ here's the worst... CARRYING...... a large black bag (which rocks lah) and 2 big red plastic bags (the kind the aunties get at wet markets.... ) Noooooo.................. I was soo mahlufied!!!! Soooo... tat glam! (embarrassed for all you non-Singaporeans) But what the hell, if you look like one already..... what's another must-need-auntie-accessory! Oh what a day.... I shall choose NOT to remember!

See that lady pointing at the vege. That's me.... in like 10 years. Hopefully best, 20 years from now. Worse comes to worst.... 5 years. Ahhhh but who cares, at least I'll be hotter than that. =D I thinkzzz....lor.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Happy Burfday Sweetheart!


Me: Aisyah was I weird in primary school?
Aisyah: No.
Me: Was I weird in Secondary School?
Aisyah: No
Me: Am I weird now?
Aisyah: (Gives the DUH look) Yes.
Me: Why ah?
Aisyah: The boys made you weird.

Me: Hmmm........ yeah I think u're right.
(Oh wise one)

Sunday, 6 April 2008

East to Southeast

The Sarah is back in Singapore! Tokyo was... nice this time round, gave me quite a headache though cause obviously too many things to see and do. And my mum and I stayed at the dodgiest backpackers hotel... sooo dodgy till I've got bed bug bites from my head to my toes. *Yikes* Unglamarous much! But we took whatever money we saved on lodging on other nice stuff instead. The results were new shoes, clothes etc! I HEART SHOPPING!

Too bad didnt want to spend too much, if not would have gone crazy! Tokyo Rocks... although dont think i wanna live there, it'd drive me locco.

Anyways will upload pics soon! =D