Saturday, 1 November 2008

This Weekend

Thanks Jasmine for the photos! Here are the Zouk boys. The hottie with the mask and shield staff is my boyfriend. hehe. Don't they look so damn fab! I sewed those grass skirts. At first we thought we wanted to use rafia string but then they would end up looking like hula dancers! So Ezra and I bought green fabric instead, sewed in the elastic and shredded the skirts. Look at 'em sexy legs! His mask was made from a sushi roller thingy with an elastic band attached to it so he could slip it on comfortably. The shield is really cute cause he's got feathers for hair and I used red plastic stones for the eyes! Talk about dramatic!



Yesterday I met up with the lovely Melly and Larissa. Seriously they are as fun and sweet as their personas on their blogs! We share so many similar traits and opinions, it was one of the most enjoyable outings I ever had. The gossip was very entertaining.... *coughs* hahaha..

Anyways, we headed to the Bianca's preview of their new season of shoes @Haji Lane. Their collection was very nice but the quality quite disappointing to be honest. Their previous seasons were much better in terms of workmanship. Time to change manufacturers!

Then randomly we decided to take a short bus trip to Front Row on Ann Siang Rd as dear Melly informed me that they were having a huge sale. 30-90% off. Actually we were misinformed. It was up to 50% only, with regular prices at 15% off. We saw quite a few things we like, but the price was still out of our pocket's reach. But if anyone is feeling for the need for a massive shopping spreee and have the cash, do make your way to Front Row! I however, spied the bow belt that I had lusted for since the last time Ezra and I visited the place and with a slight discount, I knew I had to have it. I'm a sucker very pretty accessories!



Hope we can meet up again sometime soon girls! =D


Anonymous said...

I feel like some loser commenting on all your posts haha! Ahh, those costumes for the boys are damn impressive Sarah! I mean tho they don't appear to be wearing much (HEEHEE) i know there was thought behind using what to assimilate what. You so genius la, start admitting it. And my arm is fat in that one picture, and imma gonna have to steal photos from you. Thanks!!

Sarah said...

Ahahaha... MY ART TEACHER WOULD BE PROUD... !! My bf is the genius... he thought of everything, the whole concept... just that I'm the biatch with the handy art skills.

Oh please u don't look fat!! What does that make me! =P

ryan manning said...

victory in japan

ANDY said...

Hey sweety! noce blog!!! drop by mine! maybe you ll like it!!

clareassiral said...

yah they look like they're wearing close to nothing! I was hoping you'd use the poladroid thingy on the photos. yay u did! Thanks for a lovely afternoon ladies.

Qiuting said...

Hey Sweet, do drop by
if you are free =)
THank you!

Aly-gator said...

your blog is gorgeous, these polaroids are cute as.