Sunday, 30 March 2008

A Bag for A House

Was tempted to write a hardcore memorandum about random emotional blah blahs, but I think I rather keep my blog light-hearted and well, dare I say it, entertaining.

Soo anyways, reading How Luxury Lost its Lustre... DO YOU KNOW?! That victims of Hurricane Katherina were given shopping coupons. SOME of them actually took their coupons to buy Louis Vuitton bags!!

Tsk tsk. So really for some people, a bag is more important than a house.

Saturday, 29 March 2008


I love the movie!! I think I've watched it like 10 times today. Need to buy the DVD. I know most people are grossed out by my love of this Disney film... but what can I say, I love cheesy, happy Disney songs!

I love singing... can remember most of the words now. Should look for a sing-a-long video... LOL.

What? What?! Don't judge me. I'm cute that way. muahahaha.

"Good" Boooks


If such problems could be solved by a book, then everyone should be living happily ever after! I think it's the design of the cover that cracks me up the most. XD .... hahahahahahahahahaha

What does John Van Epp know about love? Does he consider himself to be a jerk/non-jerk? Does he live in a beautiful home with a beautiful wife and 3 beautiful kids? Or is a hobo who lives in a trailer with a Gawd-made-a-big-booboo-on-this-one-wife and their dog with an eye patch?

I just think it's funny how people who write such books are able to some up problems in relationships and tips on how to solve them, in those 400 pages....

Sooo... if you ever see me reading a book like that... shoot me. Thanks!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Not a Facebook Fan, so Sue Me!

Well technically I am, but I really don't give a hoot about it.

This tee-shirt is f*cking awesome. Unfortch, I don't wear tee-shirts... ever... except when I laze around at home.


Favourite Quote of the month:
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Home ala Home

Back in Singapore now. Have been sleeping for the past 18 hours, (on and off course) so it's safe to say I've been bitten by the jet-lag bug.

Somehow I feel like coming back was not the best of ideas. It's like coming back in the middle of a snowstorm. You know you might get hurt, you know it might be pointless, but you still want to try getting thru it will keeping ur torch dimly lit. I don't really know why.... did shed a few tears about coming home, until my maid came into my room with porridge which I had missed for so long. Can't wait to go Tokyo though.... *thrills*

Must stop sleeping..... this is horrible!! I am soo sleepy............ Dong dong *nods off* Good morning/night


Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The closet, the Egg & the Chocolate

Browsing thru I find myself in awe... well not really but I thought these random pics were fairly interesing. Firstly a box of chocolates retailed a US$650. Yeah, I thought the chocolates were probably made of 9kt gold too! -__-"

The bird feeder. Honestly..... I think I prefer the traditional ones. This just looks like the Easter Bunny took a dump in the year 2100. (this comes from my assuption that chocolate Easter eggs come out of the ass of the chocolate Easter bunny.)

And lastly, Stella McCartney underwear. I'm no a fan of her underwear or any other underwear that emphasizes their brand on my ass. Accept Calvin Klein, 'em knickers are hawt on men and women!

What I do love is the packaging. Looks a bit like the packaging i did for my competition brief.

Ahhh lovess... =D

Okay gonna board he plane in awhile.
Lotsa loovess!

Jane Austen speaks from the Grave

I'm not sure I agree with this statement, but it does make alot of sense.

Yeah and this is just plain stupid=D

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The Night Before

I'm leaving for Singapore in about 12 hours.
Somehow I'm nervous and excited. yet at the same time,
not very keen on going home. Maybe it's cause I'm sick?
Gastric pains and headaches have been wrecking havoc in my body system.
I am not one happy flyer.

But also how busy and non-comforting this whole trip is gonna be.
I don't have time, being halfway thru my holidays, which has not seemed
the slightest bit, like a holiday, I'm sooo exhausted mentally to a point...
physically my body is not co-operating with me. So many thing s to do in the coming weeks,
it's like "how am I ever gonna finish all this shit!" I do anticipate large amounts of stress
buzzing my way.... Ahh.. the woes.

I'm going Tokyo, but it's not something that's gonna be relaxing...
I have to run around hunting for materials as well as constantly seeking inspiration.
Then rush home to start on my collection and website design.

The good thing of the whole matter is...
I will get to spend time with people who truly matter in my life.
Not much time, but enough time to leave Singapore with fond memories to last me
another say.... 4 months.

Seeya all real soon!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Snow Blows

It's snowing!

Not pretty snow. It's sludgy snow. Pathetic snow that resembles heavy droplets of rain but icky. And yeah... surprise surprise, its suppose to be spring but it feels more like dead winter. Dooms Day is arriving. I'm sure. >_____<>

Hopefully Singapore weather will be fairly nicer to me!


Saturday, 22 March 2008

Love me, Love my Teddy Bear



Pooky keychain *drools*
I wannnnttt.....
I COULD EAT IT AND IT'D STILL COME OUT BROWN. MMmmmm....... Pooky... his ears look like strawberry centred chocolate biscuits, which is why I always nibble on its ears. (Yeah I have my own Pooky plush)

xx Good night!
*kisses Pooky*


New Kurt Geiger shoes. 4" plus plus plus plus. Sexy Chic. Yummm!


Saturday, 15 March 2008

Random Bitching

CLEO Singapore

.... after 7 years... nothing about the magazine has changed. The last time I bought the magazine, I flipped through it a thorough once and threw it away. The thorough once, took me about 10 minutes...

Yeah sure, it was rather interesting when I was 15 years old, but since secondary school, my purchase of it has reduced to the mere ONE annually, just to see if anything has changed, in hopes that it can produce more substance. 

I mean 10 reasons why men suck... Common, I can list a 100 reasons. 10 reasons why it's great to be single? Well don't patronize me just cause I'm not getting laid. Sex tricks... ? How to attract a man?!  I can sum it up in the next sentence... get skinny, buy sexy lingerie and prance around in a short skirt. TA-DAH. 

The part that makes me shake my head in disappointment the most, is the fashion aspect of it. If you constantly dish out the same sort of articles every month because true, it is pretty hard to stay fresh with the editorial industry. Then give us more international standards of fashion. Show trends, tricks on how to put together outfits that are inspired by runway outfits (without blowing  massive hole in the pocket), how to stay weather friendly in Singapore but still look ridiculously chic, something more inspirational... Educate the younger generation of great designers like Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfield... and the list goes on. Yeah we all know Chanel... but whose behind it,what's the story, how did it build its way up from humble beginnings. 

If Cleo is wanting to remain a thrashy, no substance, non-inspirational magazine, then fine... continue the way it is for the next 20 years or so... but... I think it's time for some sort of change. And it might as well be a good one.  (Suggestion: Think TeenVogue.)

Thursday, 13 March 2008

The Devil Drinks Champagne

Just FANTASTICO Sarah! When life is smooth sailing and everything seems to be going good, you must go f*ck it up. For f*ck sake... Stop being such a drama queen!!! 

Yeah someone needs to pull that f*cking stick out of my ass! 

Sweet gentle me... MMmmhMmmm... where did that all go? -------> down the toilet bowl.

Craving for a nice glass of MOET. Gimme bubbly bubbly bubbly NOW! I've become quite the CHAMPAGNE-HOLIC... Hmmmmm Yuummm....

Home Hot Home

Good reasons why I need to go home
1. As you can see I have amassed quite a lot of shoes
(This being only 1/3 of what I have here... the rest are downstairs)
2. The amount of clothes I have collected over the past 3 years (Well... not showing pictures cause ... it's a huge amount and it's not like I'm really organized =D)
3. Aisyah's 22nd birthday which I am expecting to be RAD (I've even picked out a dress for the occasion although I am NOT the birthday girl)
4. I want to eat prawn noodles... (Good enough reason for anyone i suppose
5. Need to catch up on watching movies!!!
6. I am going T.O.K.Y.O!!! Firstly with my mum, then she'd hopefully dump me at my friend's place and I'm gonna meet up with some friends and PARTY!
7. Wanna finally get to go out and meetup with everyone that I have sooooo dearly missed!!! (that includes my parents believe it or not!! And obviously Miss Charlotte Chew)
8. Print out all the stuff that I need for my graduation show (or whatever I can actually accomplish)
9. Absorb some sunlight (Gawd knows... I haven't seen it in ages and I'm turning into a vampire... slowly... but surely)
Auntie Sarah is coming to town!!
"I heart Tea" bag arrived in the mail this morning. Ohh ain't it the Cuuuuutest!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Sexy Back

So many things to buy, so little money.
Myla does the best lingerie ever!! Tried on the last one in white and ... yupp...  it's so pretty.... =D I want......

Dress is from Good clubbing dress... no??? =D

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Royalty & Riches

The Other Boleyn Girl ::: F*cking fantastic movie! A must watch! Considering I had to pay 12.50GBP to watch it... it was thankfully worth every penny! Plus... being it the first movie I have watch in a year, in London... I was very impressed!

I had the opportunity to meet a group of people from the banking industry last night and I was very very very shocked to find out how much some of them make a month? Let's just say what they earn in a month is how much some of us would earn in 2 years!! K, gonna attend LSE next school year... what design... banking!! banking!! (Common brain u can do it!)

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Webcam Therapy

I never really got down to playing around with my desktop. Then upon realising... wait a minute... I can take pictures with this uber great internal webcam... I went abit crazy. Nonetheless, I had a good time being stupid. =)

Gawd I love the effects. UH huh! Take that pcs!

Step Up 2

This movie's even better than the prequel! It's so good, it's inspired me to get off my ass and actually dance again. It's 5am in the morning and I'm working out! I forgot how good it feels like to dance...

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Been feeling pretty on edge these past few days. Don't know whether it has to do with the fact that my parents haven't given me a ring since they left for China almost 2 weeks ago... I am very worried about their safety, especially seeing how my mum hasn't exactly been in a good physical condition... plusI haven't really been sleeping very well lately. I've been sleeping alot but just not properly. I feel my body constantly shivering the whole day and it isn't the weather because it's been happening in the sweltering conditions of my workplace too.

I had a long conversation with Yuko at 4am in the morning and it included the sudden decision to go back to Japan just for like 2 days to attend an interview with a major advertising company she managed to receive. Like most of us would think, you crazy! But after hearing what she said, I do realise that chances like these don't come everyday and if you're privileged enough to take on the opportunity, then you should go for it. 

Sonia had said to me the other day at dinner, "Sarah, you and I were raised from privileged families. We already know how good it feels to have the good things in life. Why would you want to settle for second best when you should be working even harder to retain that way of life or an even better one?!" 

I think I finally know what I want so no more procrastinating,  no more "buts" no more "what ifs". Some people in my situation would never have the same opportunities I have to take it to the next level. I really wanna focus on my jewellery design and bring it to a professional standard. College can pretty much go f*ck themselves because the school system is disgusting (Someone who's lazy as hell can do better than those who did so much good work for some reason). I just wanna pass and SAYONARA!


Monday, 3 March 2008

Pretty shoes

A great buy I found in Fenwick a month after the sale had ended! It was the final reduction and I had my eye on this piece for very long! 70% off!!! Loooveess...

By Bulba: A lingerie company,

It's a beautiful piece I would throw over a simple black top and denim shorts. Ahhh look forward to the warmer weather.

In other news... I have my eye on Pierre Hardy's crazy gorgeous shoes. Too bad they're like uber crazy hardcore expensive! But aren't they a fest for the shoeholics!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Eat Me!

Picture from:

This is like one of the most f*cking cutest cards I have ever seen. Makes you go WHAT THE F*CK.......??!!! I likey mucho. Can someone send it to me... please?? *woof*


Lately have been getting into trouble at work and obviously whining alot about it.
But something just hit me.I think I should just shut up, take in all the criticism whether right or wrong, and learn from my mistake. I am really finally starting to enjoy whatever time I have left in London and NOT going home seems like a better option cause then I wouldn't have to re-adjust to lifestyles again. Always seems like I have something to do... Obviously cause I've got World of Warcraft. Teehee.

Love to the worlllddd... Cause I'm on top of it!