Thursday, 27 November 2008

Deer Stella McCartney

Okay, be honest. on a scale of 1-10, how silly would I look carrying this Stella McCartney for LeSportsac deer head backpack. I mean cute idea, but doesn't it kinda creep you out. Plus, what are u going to put in there? An actual deer head?! -___-"

It's so hard to find a nice yet practical yet not too grungy backpack nowadays.Back in the hay day, I used to be absolutely obsessed with finding the nicest backpack in Secondary School... Anyone remember Mambo bags that were everywhere? Why the sudden obsession again? Because Charlotte and I are going back into the business of Rollerblading and carrying any of my current bags is going to make me look abit too out of place at the beach. Plus, call me fussy but I don't want sand in my Louis Vuitton. And so the "hunt" continues...


Anonymous said...

i saw this on modcloth the other day and twittered it, i wouldn't buy it but if someone gave it to me, i'd use it haha:

Sarah said...

That bag is supa cute!!! But it's so small... ! You're right, I'd use it if someone gave it to me. Let me save that 30 bucks for a clutch that's bigger! lol

Anonymous said...

hm. it is cute. but i personally wouldn't wear it, since it's soo different from my usual style. but why not? give it a try ;]

La C