Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Just Saying Hi

(for Ezra: I know you won't eat it so just to let you look see, look see!)


Hi everyone! It's 10.07pm and I'm still in the office. I've spent the last day looking at trays and trays of candy, taking photos of them and getting to taste so many samples to the point I have an ulcer in my mouth. Unfortunately, I don't have a choice when the other boss shoves pieces of candy in my hands but then again WHY AM I COMPLAINING?!

I haven't had a proper lunch or dinner for the past 2 days. Just bits of candy, buns and a tiny bowl of porridge this morning. My stomach is so confused right now... cause it's not hungry but however it knows it hasn't had anything substantial. Maybe the overdose of sugar has done it good!

I think I'm gonna hate candy after this... YEAH RIGHT!!!


Ezra said...

OMG SPONGEBOB CANDY!!!!!!!@@... oh and i miss you :D

jasmine danker said...

ah are you back
i wanted to email you and i realized how i dont have your email!
97822765 : )

She's Dressing Up said...

Hi Spongebob!
You best eat something proper soon =]

Anonymous said...

Wow! Where do you work? To eat so much candy?! I wanna work there!

Bella said...

So cute!!! But you'd better eat something befoe you fall into a sugar coma!

Anonymous said...

I just got back too!! From the underside of the surface of the world, hahaha whatever that means. I'm so woozy right now. So how Guang to the Zhou?

And wahlaueh @ ezra's user pic.

lara said...

haha I want this spongebob candy :)

Sarah said...

Melly: I took that pic of him, and he loves it... MEH... The boy is VAIN!!

Faith: My aunt owns a candy factory! And now I'm ill from eating too much candy!