Saturday, 28 June 2008

Goodbye London

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. I'm finally leaving London in about 7 hours. It's been really hectic and exhausting trying to pack 3 years of my life into suitcases and boxes, getting rid of things I love but have no choice and of course, trying to make the house spotless. I've changed my flight like 4 times and I'm sure Singapore Airlines isn't exactly very thrilled with me. 13-hour flight here I come! Fortunately/unfortunately, I can't feel my arms and my legs anymore, plus having 10 hours of sleep over the past 4 days is gonna assure total knockout once I get on board. Hopefully not right before!


Sunday, 22 June 2008

Hyde Park:: Tania

Before Tania and I headed for Queen Bee's house, we went to the nearby Hyde Park to take some pictures. It was a lovely day, 7pm, with the sun still shining brightly...

We always get mistaken for sisters, so we bought matching hairbands just to mark our "sisterhood". We had loads of fun as you can tell and it's definitely times like these that are gonna make me miss London =(

I'm leaving Tuesday, so the next entry I post will be in Singapore. Lotsa love to everyone! Enjoy the pix!!

Hyde Park:: Me

And then there's me. Although it was extra windy out today, I insisted that I take my hat out for a stroll cause I'm not going to be wearing it in Singapore anytime soon. Singapore has too many underpasses and air-conditioned departmental stores, so the only time I'd actually use it is when I go for a picnic or a random outing. =)

Hat: Rokit Vintage
Top: Miss Selfridge
Vest: Japan
Tights: Topshop
Shoes: French Sole
Bangles: Forever 21; Necklace: Fawn&Fauna

Shoes Galore

Went over to Queen Bee's apartment at Knightsbridge today to have champagne and pasta with the girlies. I love her place and when I saw her rows of absolutely amazing pairs of shoes, I HAD to try them on. Although some of them were past seasons, they were maintained so well. Puts my shoe-maintaining skills to shame. My favourite are the DIOR ones which are her favourite too, considering she bought two pairs in different colours! So here they are!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Vintage Heaven

After reading Susie Bubble's blog entry about The East End Thrift Store, I knew I had to be there. To me, it's a definite MUST GO. I had tried finding this place 2 weeks ago, but lost my way thus gave up and went home. This time I was determined to find it. It turned out, I did end up somewhere really close to there last time, just... not quite there. Jeez.

I rate this vintage shop.... BEST IN LONDON! Everything is about 10 pounds or less. Some items like coats and jackets are more pricey but definitely NOT overpriced. I got a military jacket for 20GBP that would sell for 85GBP in town.

It was 11am in the morning so the owner was kind enough to let me rummage thru the rows and rows and rows and rows...... of clothes, pile them up on the sofa and take loads and loads of photos. He was soo friendly and helpful. A super plus compared to other vintage places. I had tonnes of fun!! I could have spent the whole day there, unfortunately my pocket wouldn't allow it. So here's some pictures.

First up: My magician's outfit. I didn't buy the sunnies or the shimmery sweater which looked like something a disco ball had just threw up all over. I thought that made it even more awesome! But then decided, I would never wear it out of the house, thus instead bought the shirt and lovely blue skirt.

Next up, was looking out for clothes I could go to work in. This lavender dress hit the spot with an adorable vintage bag and lovely victorian-esque low-heels (I've been looking for sometime now!) And I absolutely love this boho top that I got. It's hard to find tops in this design that are long and have silhouettes that flatter my figure. =)

Then I tried on a Harajuku-esque red skirt with a heart shaped lace pocket.
I loved it, but it was way too big for me and I didn't think it was worth the alteration.

Finally, this is what I originally wore for today. Sorry my hair is sooo bad. Left the house in a hurry with wet hair. Bad Sarah. Bad. But then again, in general, my hair isn't in good condition. I want a haircut now!! Grrrr... Anyways the dress, which looks like a shirt with a black bow and black skirt is actually from Primark and just costs 12GBP. I love the peter pan collar.... Grab it now! All the small sizes are disappearing!

I love my new/old shoes! I have more clothes that I will put up when I get them altered back home! =) Happy Mid Week all!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

ASOs does MiuMiu

A Must have from, which also comes in a gorgeous black. Yiqin... This is for you! Get it before it gooooooesss...;P

I can't spell their name!

New purchases from a brilliant jewellery designer, Paraphernalia. They are so cute! Had to get 2 out of the 4 designs. Check out their other stuff! Postage is cheap as well!

Fit Flops

If you have no time to exercise - and those MBTs are looking a little clunky in your wardrobe - maybe it is time to invest in FitFlops, the "flip-flop with a built-in gym" to tone while you walk. Created by Bliss Spa entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore and a team of footwear engineers, the idea behind these fabulous shoes is that they fight cellulite while you walk - looking pretty stylish while they do it. We love the Aurelia - no basic flip-flop, this black gladiator sandal already has women clamoring to get a pair online at Net-A-Porter where they are not available until July. Get on the waiting list now! £90

Ally Pyle

OOoooo... I want!

Sunday, 15 June 2008

i <3 Mum

I love this vest featured on Fashion nation. Like ZOMG. Me wants now!! 250USD... MMmmmMMmMMmMmm
MmmmmMmmmmmmmmMmmmm..... Rather buy me an iphone.

If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. Hope it all works out. Bought the pattern for my military vest/jacket. Unfortunately, my materials have been brought back by my dad, so i can only start on it the following week. I look forward to next week. It's gonna be a blast!


Just had a phone conversation with my mum. Sometimes, I wonder whose the mum and whose the daughter, but she does make me laugh...

Mum: Why are all the clothes you gave me so dark in colour?
Me: What's wrong with that?
Mum: I wanna look younger, not older.
Me: Who said dark clothes make you look old?
Mum: How about pink? Bright pink?
Me: Since when does wearing pink make you look younger.
Mum: All my friends wear bright colours and you want me to wear a dark colour.
Me: Hmmm... I don't really trust your friends' taste.
Mum: Hey, they have good taste okay, in good colours.
Me: Fine... I'll get you the same dress that I have in White and its very pretty
Mum: *happy tone* Okay
Me: Just make sure you don't wear it the same time as me. Thank you very much.
Mum: Mmhmm.

Okay so im not getting the exact same dress. It's like the time my mum got mad at me because I bought a pair of shoes and she wanted the exact same pair for herself (Since I live in London and she in Singapore) So to appease her, I got her a pair as well. In the end, both of us don't wear them anymore, it's two good pair of shoes.... wasted. Psh.... Sooo I'm going Miss Selfridge to get me another dress for dear mum.

In four hours: Gonna go Primark and have pancake with the duders!!! Rawwrrr.... Hoot hoot! Gotta get some sleep like NOW!


Stuff I'm selling on Ebay now. Clearing stock before I leave! =) So many things, so little space in my luggage!

What I just bought on Ebay. Thanks to Greenlaundry for her fab recommendation of this EbayStore! Been looking for this vest for so long after having seen it on Lulu's blog! Awesomeness! And that dress is so me! Look forward to receiving it when I get back. Rawrrrr!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Little Toy Soldier

The topshop military jacket I really want! Trust me that it'd be sold out real soon. Too bad its too thick for summer/my life back in Singapore! Plus I already have a Fornarina military jacket. Sigh. But on the bright side, I bought the pattern for it, plus the buttons and am gonna sew one for myself. Or at least ask the seamstress to do it =X Yay!

Good weekend all!

deers and lockets

Limited to 1 piece only because one of the chains have hundreds of 3 leave clovers on them. Comes with 2 fresh water pearls, a deer charm and heart shaped locket. The locket can be opened =) (Please click on picture to enlarge)

Handmade and absolutely gorgeous! To secure it to your wrist, you just have to tie a knot at the end.

Price: 30GBP

and yesh, I am HAPPY!

The girl with sparrows in her hair

It was once featured on Susie Bubble's blog. The bird hairband she had worn a couple of times in some of her pics. Well it wasn't done by me, but I was very much inspired by it. Wanted to do something that was more subtle and just pretty.

I have two versions, the hairpin and the hairband. The birds also come in different colours, red, yellow, green, lavender and blue. Everything is made to order to keep quality control. =)

You can see two examples of how they can be worn. Innie (first pic) is wearing the hairband and I (second pic) am wearing the pin. With the hairpin, you can put it wherever seriously! =) Forget flowers in your hair... its time for the sparrows!

Prices are: Hairpin — 8GBP (20SGD)
Hairband — 12GBP (30SGD)

Please let me know if ur interested, I will try to get all colours for everyone to see. Or you can request a picture of the colour you would like. =)


Grad Show Exhibit

Yesh, try to ignore this dodgy photo. Was trying to photoshop it to a point you dont see my eyes, as a result of 8 hours of sleep over 2 days.

So wearing the vintage shirt I had bought Ezra few days back. I love it so much, I'm gonna be taking it from him quite alot! I was going for the builder look. Think I did it!

And so here!! My exhibition. Alice in Wonderland theme. Girly, whimsical and so damn me! Will take more close up pics of my accessories when I go down there again tomorrow to see if everything is still intact!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

A Flair To Remember

I love love love love Nikki, well obviously not in that sense. =P She's very pretty and her sense of style is equally delicate and sweet. Can I also mention that her hair always seems to be so nicely done up, I am jealous. Times like these make me contemplate chopping the lot off. =)I'm glad I randomly found her on chictopia.

One more blog to keep me sane.