Saturday, 14 June 2008

The girl with sparrows in her hair

It was once featured on Susie Bubble's blog. The bird hairband she had worn a couple of times in some of her pics. Well it wasn't done by me, but I was very much inspired by it. Wanted to do something that was more subtle and just pretty.

I have two versions, the hairpin and the hairband. The birds also come in different colours, red, yellow, green, lavender and blue. Everything is made to order to keep quality control. =)

You can see two examples of how they can be worn. Innie (first pic) is wearing the hairband and I (second pic) am wearing the pin. With the hairpin, you can put it wherever seriously! =) Forget flowers in your hair... its time for the sparrows!

Prices are: Hairpin — 8GBP (20SGD)
Hairband — 12GBP (30SGD)

Please let me know if ur interested, I will try to get all colours for everyone to see. Or you can request a picture of the colour you would like. =)


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