Tuesday, 3 June 2008

When a girl runs of out money...

When you can't afford something, you make it. Thus, rather than spending about 100quid on a Chanel hairband, I made one, which even included its logo! (Got a pair of "Chanel" earrings from dodgy shopping in Guanzhou and took it apart.) You can take a look at the hairband in the Chanel Website ---> Clothes & Accessories ---> Others. According to Ezra, its pretty damn close to the original. Not that well made, but hey... one can only try. =)

I think its super pretty, though the counterfeit authorities wouldn't be pleased with me. Definitely NOT going to wear it through customs, that's all I'm saying... =P

1 comment:

Rich Hippie said...

WELL DONE Thats real good.
If you were selling them on the street right now ide buy one