Friday, 6 June 2008

Final Year Phototaking

Today the final year students had to take a graduation photo, which meant, not much to my surprise, spending about 45 mins of waiting around outside the Cochrane theatre and 1 hours inside doing silly and pretty lame poses.

The theme is CMYK. So most people came in either dressed in one colour (Me! Shoot me, but sometimes I love to be boring), two colours or all of the above. It was pretty neat seeing people all decked up for a photograph. I on the other hand had just woken up, threw on the darkest outfit I could find and went out the door. Knowing how I had to go to work straight after, I didn't bother to get creative. (Should have brought my pirate hat though!!!)

Anyways spent the time socializing with classmates telling them about the BBQ my house is having on Saturday, though the other 3 housemates aren't very aware of it themselves. LOL. Well someone's gotta start somewhere. Hoorahz!

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