Tuesday, 10 June 2008

West London

Went to meet my dad today at Gloucester hotel.. He called me so many times in the morning to wake my lazy ass up, though he's kinda come to terms with the fact his daughter is not a morning person, you have to give him kudos for trying to change that. =P

He had brought only food this time round. Packets of Meepok, Maggi Noodles, Sambal blachan and Rice dumplings. Hmmmm... Obviously Yuko, Kevin and I finished the meepok, with Kevin searching desperately for all the pork lard in the bowl. lol.

So I thought, finally I have time to go out with my dad properly in London. Everytime he visited me the last few years, I've been too busy to do much but eat with him . We popped by Harvey Nichols since it was in the West side and I've never been there. Honestly... it reminds me too much of
Fenwick. Less boring, but still rather... Hmmm... small and... there's always this issue of displaying too many things in one small space. Hate it! Still love Selfridges the best! After which, we stopped by at Harrods to have pastry and coffee at Laduree (the bestest French pastries in London!!) The interior was sooo beautiful but unfortunately no photography was allowed. *Hmph* My dad and I shared Tart Tartin (Apple tart) and Mont Blanc... Hmm... yums. I convinced him to buy 6 macaroons for 9.50GBP for the rest of the family. Look how pretty they are, and they smell good. I decided I'd go there again for deserts when my dad wasn't around, so held back on getting some for myself. Tee hee.

Highlight of the day: He bought me a new pair of sandals from Massimo Dutti. *Thrills. Been dying to get one for a long long time. Love yer dad!!!

Dress: Yuki (Topshop)
Massimo Dutti


Anonymous said...

Those sandals look very nice on you! How's father-daughter time going?

Sarah said...

Thanks so much. I love them! Hopefully they stay comfortable in time to come.

My dad's leaving tomorrow though. =( But I'll see him soon when I move back.

p.s I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG. Have linked you!! Look forward to more entries soon!!

yiqin; said...

I love the vest! It is just so awesome! :)

Sarah said...

I know right?! It was like 5000 Yen or something. I'm gonna go back to Japan soon, probably this July even!! *thrills*

So if I'm going, flip through Jap magazines and let me know if u want anything =D

p.s I'm coming back to Singapore soon. So if you want stuff from Topshop or ASOS. Just hola!


Anonymous said...

You're coming home to sg? Now, you can't be looking forward to that can you.

What were u studying in CSM?

And i've linked you too :}

Sarah said...

You will be surprised... I miss home XD but you know, i probably wouldn't stay in Singapore for too long either. LOL.

I'm studying-studied Graphic Design.=P

Anonymous said...

Yeah come home and have some love all around and get back out there if you get the chance!

CSM is such an opportunity!

yiqin; said...

Really! We should meetup when you get back to Singapore! :D Is topshop cheaper over there?

Sarah said...

If i remember correctly, its not cheaper here. =( But there's definitely more variety.

Although the exchange rate has dropped from 2.98 to like2.63 or something so its a good time to get stuff. =)