Sunday, 15 June 2008

i <3 Mum

I love this vest featured on Fashion nation. Like ZOMG. Me wants now!! 250USD... MMmmmMMmMMmMmm
MmmmmMmmmmmmmmMmmmm..... Rather buy me an iphone.

If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. Hope it all works out. Bought the pattern for my military vest/jacket. Unfortunately, my materials have been brought back by my dad, so i can only start on it the following week. I look forward to next week. It's gonna be a blast!


Just had a phone conversation with my mum. Sometimes, I wonder whose the mum and whose the daughter, but she does make me laugh...

Mum: Why are all the clothes you gave me so dark in colour?
Me: What's wrong with that?
Mum: I wanna look younger, not older.
Me: Who said dark clothes make you look old?
Mum: How about pink? Bright pink?
Me: Since when does wearing pink make you look younger.
Mum: All my friends wear bright colours and you want me to wear a dark colour.
Me: Hmmm... I don't really trust your friends' taste.
Mum: Hey, they have good taste okay, in good colours.
Me: Fine... I'll get you the same dress that I have in White and its very pretty
Mum: *happy tone* Okay
Me: Just make sure you don't wear it the same time as me. Thank you very much.
Mum: Mmhmm.

Okay so im not getting the exact same dress. It's like the time my mum got mad at me because I bought a pair of shoes and she wanted the exact same pair for herself (Since I live in London and she in Singapore) So to appease her, I got her a pair as well. In the end, both of us don't wear them anymore, it's two good pair of shoes.... wasted. Psh.... Sooo I'm going Miss Selfridge to get me another dress for dear mum.

In four hours: Gonna go Primark and have pancake with the duders!!! Rawwrrr.... Hoot hoot! Gotta get some sleep like NOW!

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