Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Last Minute Queen

I know I just have to post something, if not people are gonna get bored of me, or rather Imma get bored of myself.

Tomorrow is the Grad Show set up and in Last-Minute-girl classic fashion, I'm working thru the night to get stuff done. That's what you get for managing 8 hours of sleep every night before today, no sleep for 48 hours straight.

So what I'm doing is making a visual display for my jewellery pieces. Something fun, whimsical and make people go ... "Ohhh so cute... or OMG WTF." I like both reactions even if they are on the opposite far ends of the sanity spectrum. The theme is: Alice in Wonderland. You know the part where the card soldiers basically start painting the roses either red/white... Can't remember... if not the Queen would chop their heads off. Honestly, you're a poker card, WHO CARES. hehe.

I'll give the lot of pictures when I'm done. And the 2nd picture is one of my designs. Was gonna sell it to my makeup artist but neither she nor I had time to meetup. Sooo... looking for another buyer.

I know its a shitty photo. Will put up the lot soon.

Wish me luck!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice touch with the carpet grass on top of the frame! i would def go "OOOOOH I LIKE" at that.