Sunday, 15 June 2008


Stuff I'm selling on Ebay now. Clearing stock before I leave! =) So many things, so little space in my luggage!

What I just bought on Ebay. Thanks to Greenlaundry for her fab recommendation of this EbayStore! Been looking for this vest for so long after having seen it on Lulu's blog! Awesomeness! And that dress is so me! Look forward to receiving it when I get back. Rawrrrr!


Anonymous said...

Gah! did u get both the matador vest and the dress? I was eyeing the vest but it's a tad small for me.

Swoons, lovely additions to your wardrobe!

Sarah said...

Yup! I got both. The matador vest would probably be too small for me, but... I'm praying it's not that bad.

I'm uber happy! Stocking up for Home!