Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Vintage Heaven

After reading Susie Bubble's blog entry about The East End Thrift Store, I knew I had to be there. To me, it's a definite MUST GO. I had tried finding this place 2 weeks ago, but lost my way thus gave up and went home. This time I was determined to find it. It turned out, I did end up somewhere really close to there last time, just... not quite there. Jeez.

I rate this vintage shop.... BEST IN LONDON! Everything is about 10 pounds or less. Some items like coats and jackets are more pricey but definitely NOT overpriced. I got a military jacket for 20GBP that would sell for 85GBP in town.

It was 11am in the morning so the owner was kind enough to let me rummage thru the rows and rows and rows and rows...... of clothes, pile them up on the sofa and take loads and loads of photos. He was soo friendly and helpful. A super plus compared to other vintage places. I had tonnes of fun!! I could have spent the whole day there, unfortunately my pocket wouldn't allow it. So here's some pictures.

First up: My magician's outfit. I didn't buy the sunnies or the shimmery sweater which looked like something a disco ball had just threw up all over. I thought that made it even more awesome! But then decided, I would never wear it out of the house, thus instead bought the shirt and lovely blue skirt.

Next up, was looking out for clothes I could go to work in. This lavender dress hit the spot with an adorable vintage bag and lovely victorian-esque low-heels (I've been looking for sometime now!) And I absolutely love this boho top that I got. It's hard to find tops in this design that are long and have silhouettes that flatter my figure. =)

Then I tried on a Harajuku-esque red skirt with a heart shaped lace pocket.
I loved it, but it was way too big for me and I didn't think it was worth the alteration.

Finally, this is what I originally wore for today. Sorry my hair is sooo bad. Left the house in a hurry with wet hair. Bad Sarah. Bad. But then again, in general, my hair isn't in good condition. I want a haircut now!! Grrrr... Anyways the dress, which looks like a shirt with a black bow and black skirt is actually from Primark and just costs 12GBP. I love the peter pan collar.... Grab it now! All the small sizes are disappearing!

I love my new/old shoes! I have more clothes that I will put up when I get them altered back home! =) Happy Mid Week all!


yiqin; said...

You're so lucky to be in London! I love all those that you've digged out!

Anonymous said...

that purple dress...... GIVE IT TO ME!

it's a crazy shop, how long were u there for?

Sarah said...

I want the whole shop as my wadrobe. So many I really had a tough time deciding. I am gonna miss London! *le sigh*

And if I realise I don't want the purple dress, You can have it really. lol. =) When I come back here next month, definitely gonna stock up and bring stuff back to Singapore. *Joy

Sarah said...

Ooo I spent like 2 hours there. Could have been 4,5,6. It's awesome!!

Anonymous said...

the skirt with the heart! so cute :D

Anonymous said...

Two hours, that's lunch + coffee for me. And yeah if you ever not want it, i will gladly buy it from you :}

Sarah said...

Yeah I totally agree. Extreme Cuteness!

Wendy said...

That place is probably like a treasure chest. I love your outfit!