Saturday, 7 June 2008

Almost at the end

It's all in the angles! Taking good complimentary photos is all in the angle. That takes skills, talent and f-ing loads of experience of cam-hoe-ing.

Looking forward to my dad coming to London on Monday. That means MONEY!! Finally I can go get my hair coloured and trimmed. I do want long hair back like NOW, but I also don't want it to be a total mess as I grow it out. Tired of black hair, yet my parents aren't keen on any colour, especially when I bleached my whole head ash blonde about 2 years back, so have to op for a dark chestnut brown. They haven't gotten over the trauma of having had a White-wannabe daughter. I don't want to be anything, I'm just f-ing bored! =P Black hair makes me look old, especially when I dress like an OL, I look 25 or something. No offence to 25 year olds, I'm almost 22 and I think at this point, 3 years make a whole load of difference.

So I'm leaving on the 24th of June for Home. Sadly I will be missing the London sale though I think it's actually a great thing to stop me from overspending. I'm trying to pack my room now and gawd, it's amazing what you find after living for 2 years in a junk yard sort of a room. My problem is I like to collect stuff. So it's hard to throw most of the stuff away.

I'm working on my website : Fawn and Fauna which has still only one page up. Yippee!! >__< style="font-weight: bold;"> Zouk Flea Market
in August. You MUST come down and get stuff from me, International designers for cheap prices. I am way better than a Vintage store. =P This will prove my efforts of hulling the lot back very worth it.

***Alrighties, 6.29am. Time to take a nap before I head to the art store.***

xoxo y'all!

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