Friday, 29 August 2008

Sometimes I wish I was 16

"Last night, Serena van der Woodsen took a traditional school girl ensemble and gave it a sassy twist with a sequined Nanette Lepore cardigan, over-the-knee tights a la Carrie Bradshaw, and a brown Botkier bag. Isn't it ironic that these ladies dress in school uniforms yet act like seasoned adults? That's why you gotta love Gossip Girl." -

I do love the outfit on Blake Lively although we all know that private school students can't dress anything like that in real life. hehe. One thing that did irk me about the quote from Fab Sugar is "over-the-knee tights a la Carrie Bradshaw". Why? Because she wasn't the first person to coin over-the-knee tights and it's not fair to prior fashionistas who were wearing it long before she did, A.K.A one of my favourite characters, Cher (Alicia Silverstone) in Clueless. Now that is a classic teen flick with classic fashion fun!

I've graduated from college (although am probably going to business school towards the end of the year) so unfortunately or fortunately, do not have a chance to dress for the First Day of School. But then again, since when does that even matter? =P

My new red school emblem sweater from Urban Outfitters that my dad just brought back for me from a trip to L.A. It's much warmer than I thought it would be, but appropriate for a rainy chilly day. And say HI to my new shoes from Trois+inch in Wisma Atria. They have a great selection of shoes at really good prices!

Red Sweater: Urban Outfitters
White tank: Topshop + LaSenza
Skirt: Vintage
Hairband: F21
Hat: Rokit Vintage
Shoes: Trois+inch

In the end this was what I wore out to meet Sara at Vivo City to get my Doc Martens from her. Thank you Bebee! I love this blazer from Comme Ca Japan... It's lightweight and the fabric is airy, perfect for local weather. =)

Madeline would be proud... Did I mention she's my inspiration? An animated French little girl who speaks English with a supposedly-sounds-like-french accent... who wouldn't love that!


pinktuutuu said...

love the shoes love the blazer! i have a not so secret crush on blake lively! can't wait for season 2! im in cold turkey!

pinktuutuu said...

oh, and i still wanna get that skirt done but it'll have to wait another month, went on a spree today. yikes.

LaCouturier said...

loveee it! and omg! i love that madeline is your inspiration! i've always loved her & eloise! =)

Wendy said...

Being 16 kinda of sucks though. But the school aspect is pretty cool.

Eelie said...

Your outfit is very lovely. I've also noticed schoolgirl chic becoming more popular over here in NZ. Its cute and so are you :)

Francis Girard said...

Wow - there is so much inspiration on your pages.... Gossip Girl is nice on the eye but I prefer to watch it with the sound off, the pictures are lovely but the content is reharshed 90210 on hard core elicit narcotics. They do however never fail to get the fashion right though and so do you so it seems. love your blog and will revisit again this coming week. xf

Mimi said...

Oh let's swap tomorow for me it's the first school day.the outfit with the blazer is neat.
I love gossip girl and the style of the characters.for sure one of the most stylisht tv shows.

melly said...

If school was half as cool here, i think i'd have enjoyed it more! Adore the second outfit, nice cardigan, the colour is so royale.

And i used to watch Madeline after school last time!!! So adorable, heehee.

She's Dressing Up said...

Oh my, I'd forgotten about Madeline! I love her, she was adorable. As are your outfits - I especially love the straw boater!

The Clothes Horse said...

Cute looks! Your hat adds the perfect touch to everything. I don't know why these sites swoon over Blake, when Leighton is the real sartorial star! Oh well, maybe they are blinded by the blonde hair?

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone for super comments!

Madeline is the cutest French thing ever, besides the macaroon... -_-" Yesh all I think about is desserts! I wish they had an International Madeline Day!

And Francis Girard.. I love you saying "Gossip Girl is nice on the eye but I prefer to watch it with the sound off" LOL. I agree... I actually just like looking at still photos from the show... I don't even watch it! You'd think the The Hills is dramatic, this tops the charts!

But Gossip Girl does have the best wardrobe!

Melly: Yeah, it sucks our uniforms here are soo gross! I was in TKGS and you can imagine how much it sucked looking like a green rubbish bin at the bus stop. haha. Sad, cause I can laugh about it now.

melly said...

HAHAHA why yes, tkgs - striking green. I'm no better, was from Crescent Girls', half-riped bananas yo.