Sunday, 10 August 2008

The Angsty Kids

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The silhouette in the window.

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I should really stop taking stuff from my mum's closet, but lately, she's been stocking up on some pretty cute outfits. Plus I just got the prettiest hand-me-down Parisian style blazer and skirt suit from her which just needs the shoulder pads removed before it becomes my new favourite outfit.

Too bad you can't really see the bow headband I had just made, although, I'm thinking of making one with a prettier velvet bow on it. Who knew that making a bow would be that complexed! Any old ribbon just wont do! Sighs, Well... the best things are made after trying and trying again!

Gawd ... I really want the Viktor & Rolf bow headband but it's so hard to find online. Grrr...
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Over sized blouse: Mum's
Shorts: Chloe
Shoes: KG
Bow Headband: Homemade
Skeleton Bracelet: Vice & Vanity
Other bracelets: Topshop

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Presenting...the Vice & Vanity necklace that alot of people have blogged about. I bought it when it first came out at about 169SGD if I remember correctly. I think it's really pretty, but it's so hard to match it with most of the clothes I have. It does go well with white crisp tuxedo shirts, but I don't really like wearing shirts! It's in really good condition (The white is still 90% white but obviously not as white as a new one... sorry =P) so if anyone else is interested in taking it off my hands and doing it justice just drop me an email with an offering price! =D
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... one of my most beloved presents from Ezra. The boy really knows my taste...

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... finally I have my own pair of Oxfords

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Ezra bought the cutest and definitely most befitting Angsty tee shirt the other day. I had moaned and whined for about 20 minutes or so, revolving the fact he didn't buy one for me. His silence was broken with one "You don't even wear tee-shirts...," and that obviously shut me up. =D The boy has a habit of wearing his new favourite clothes for days on end before abandoning it in the pile of past favourites, but I foresee a longer period of adoration for this one. hehe. By the way, where is the Abercrombie polo I bought for you, huh? huh? huh?

Anyways he's bringing me to Haji Lane this Tuesday and Zouk Flea Market this Sunday! (Now that I blogged about it, you can't back out cause the whole world is my witness! Muahaha) For your information (directed to Singaporean readers), I have never been to Haji Lane... Yes, blasphemy right?! I guess the idea of walking there from Bugis does bug me quite alot, plus it's parallel parking which is off-limits for me. So I'm like a little kid on Christmas Eve, totally stoked!

It's gonna be a Monday, let's all try not to be...
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Thanks for all the great comments!
lotsa love


Ezra said...

blackmail! so now if i dont take you...i become the badguy...truly blackmail.i still love you...meh.

CoutureCarrie said...

That necklace is so great!!

The Clothes Horse said...

Lovely pieces! Your jewelry is so wonderfully unqiue and quirky.

charlotte said...

eh i wanna go haji lane tooooo! and zouk flea! omg your life is sooo exciting (mopes*). nvm you can go scout the area and one day you can bring me along k! call you later sweetie :) i'm trying to pull myself out of hibernation though its difficult cos of *ahem*. haha you know lah.

Wendy said...

I really like the ruffly necklace and that sculptural bracelet.

Richel said...

what an interesting collecting of jewelry! I really like this outfit on you.

melly said...

You're right, that vice&vanity necklace is tricky to mix&match... hmm nevertheless! Great oxfords! Great bangle! and nice boy!

pinktuutuu said...

oh i almost got that necklace! instead i received the graphic one for bday this year! love their recent collection. btw, awesome oxfords, if its ok to ask, where did you get them!!

have fun at haji, you'll love it.

belle.chantelle said...

your blouse & shoes are so cute!