Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Flowers in my hair

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The weather does prove a problem when you're dressing up. I know loads of people in Singapore dying for a cool day... sometimes even snow, though that would announce the arrival of the end of the world... hmmm.... Haven't really been doing much except staying home to play World of Warcraft, spend time with my cousin, family and Ezra. Oooo, highlight of the week... getting DVDs for my current favourite Korean drama. *chuckles* I know... so unglamorous, but I can't help that the "aunty" genes run through my blood with glory!

I've been trying to brighten up my outfits lately, plus try to put together outfits that don't give me an excuse to wear my Chloe belt. Like my hairband??? I bought the trimming in London a month-ish ago, but didn't have the time to get around to making a hairband till now. I have flowers in my hair! And I made my bag myself, sewed it from raw cotton and did the whale shaped stenciling on it. I know the print ain't that great, but it's not like I really can be bothered to do silkscreen printing myself! Grrawrrr... But to me, it's still super cute!

Hairband: Homemade
Cardigan: Luella
Dress: WoodWood
Shoes: Mum's
Bag: Homemade

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*giggles* He never likes looking at the camera so... why should I?


Ezra said...

thats cos the camera would melt from my hotness...

Anonymous said...

i'm crazy in love with your tote, how cute are you, stamping stamping.

LaCouturier said...

the headband is a really cute idea!

please visit my blog & comment =]

~Jay~ said...

I love your outfits{: very cute and chic with nice pops of color~