Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Young and Inspirational

One of the prettiest outfits that I really want for myself! The skirt is too adorable!


Eugenie Niarchos – I love her dress, wish I knew where it was from!


Anyways, I've realised that lately I've been inspired by girls younger than me. I admire them for their talent, maturity and outlook of life. I'm sure we'll be seeing more young beautiful female CEOs succeeding their family businesses instead of their brothers! heehee. As cheesy as this sounds... GO GO GIRL POWER! Kudos go out to Miss Bebee!

One young lady I'm looking out for is Marissa Montgomery who is the founder of Pussy Glamore lingerie which is sold on figleaves.com, Tophop and Selfridges. Not to mention, she is only 20 years old. Sighs, puts me to shame. And she seems to have obviously fashionable wardrobe too... I like...


Here's videos of Marissa giving tips on how to start your own business and a promo video for Pussy Glamore featuring one of her best mates and current fashion icon – Alice Dellal.


jo said...

i'm really awed by the first outfit too!

Richel said...

she's really interesting! I loved her tips!

Wendy said...

Zooey Deschanel has the prettiest eyes ever.

pinktuutuu said...

oh yes that outfit by Erin Featherston is to die for! and Zooey Deschanel is extremely adorable! love her style.