Monday, 1 September 2008

Plaid, Tartan & A Sailor

House of Holland

Mathew Williamson

Alexander McQueen

Plaid or Tartan...? I am so confused. Some magazines call it tartan, some people call it plaid... so what exactly should one of the biggest trends for F/W'08 be called? Here's the definitions:

1. any fabric woven of different colored yarns in a crossbarred pattern.
2. a pattern of this kind
3. a long, rectangular piece of cloth, usually with such a pattern and worn across the left shoulder by Scottish Highlanders
4. having the pattern of a plaid

1. a woolen or worsted cloth woven with stripes of different colors and width crossing at right angles, worn chiefly by the Scottish Highlanders, each clan having its own distinctive plaid.
2. a design of such a plaid known by the name of the clan wearing it.
3. any plaid
4. of, pertaining to, or resembling tartan.
5. made of tartan.

If tartan is the name for the clothes worn by Scottish clans, then shouldn't the current trend just be called plaid? Oh well, that's what I'm sticking to... What do you think?


Remember a few posts back, I talked about the sailor dress Libermarlene vintage was selling, which now obviously has been sold for a lot of money. o__O I decided to make a similar one with 21 bucks of fabric.You like?? It's still rather raw as I haven't done the final editing eg. fixing the hem, cutting thread, and fixing one of the white panels which seems to be a little lobsided. But I was too eager to show you what I've done. Project Runway judges would send me off the runway for BAD HEMMING! Unfortunately, I don't have my T-bar shoes with me right now... if not I think it'd be a perfect Sunday's Best! AHOY THERE SAILOR!!



melly said...

I like! I like it that you didn't use a navy blue fabric. Show again when it's runway-ready! Make it work!

carrie / wishwishwish said...

lovely idea for a post! im on the lookout for a tartan dress at the moment!

MR style said...

oh god u've got such an interestin blog ! first time i discovered it and it's purely awesome !

Richel said...

calling plaid tartan is very scottish, i've heard. my sister had tried to explain it all to me once, i was incredibly confused.

and i just realized i hadn't linked you guys? I am doing that right now, yes yes.

Wendy said...

Thats the coolest dress ever, military inspired buttons and nautical!

saray said...

I adore this Mathew Williamson look!

I love the sailor dress!