Monday, 18 August 2008

Searching for Something

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My pics from Fukuoka, Japan, which I had forgotten to upload... =)
At the Train Station...

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At one of the hundreds of accessories stores you can find in the City... The rabbit pin that I wanted to get but I didn't have enough cash. =(

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The sales assistant and her hands... You should have seen what she was wearing as a whole... Too bad she was too shy...

Then follows the Day at Zouk Flea Market/Ann Siang Road

The Zouk Flea Market was packed as expected (Nearly died in there... it was like going to the club in the night but the lights were turned on...), but I didn't find anything exceptionally appealing or price worthy. Some things were pretty but too overpriced for a flea market unfortunately. I did buy a top for 5 bucks, which was a very good purchase imo. I preferred the last flea market I was at a year ago. -__-"

But I think the better part of the day was travelling to Ann Siang Road to take a look at Books Actually. Here are some random photos before we even got to No.5.
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What I love about old shop houses is the pretty tiles...

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My vintage dress which I'm selling... The first and last time I'm wearing this. Isn't it pretty?
Unfortunately, I'd prefer something with a lower neckline...

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Besides the weird poses of Ezra and I ... presenting my favourite bag from Wood Wood from him...

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My best friend Charlotte in one of her crazy print dresses. Thanks for coming out from your state of hibernation! Lovess xoxo!

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Hmmm... .... yeahhh...

Now for Books Actually...
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Located at No. 5 Ann Siang Road... Books Actually is haven for those who have an eye for design and anything vintage. It supplies a vast collection of philosophy books and literature. I was pleasantly surprised to find a stack of back issues of Wallpaper and Nylon magazines @ 9.50SGD a pop. On the shelves you may also find jars of pencils, vintage wooden rulers, out-of-production sharperners, home-made notebooks and post cards handmade by the owners of Books Actually. I had gotten a wooden pencil and ruler for myself =) Would have gotten a notebook too, but thought to myself, "hello, you're a designer too! You could make one easy..."

The shop showcases its collection of old type writers, vintage cameras and penguin books, which is a treat for unsuspecting customers. I apologize for the lack of pictures... and the probably not so successful descriptive dialogue about the shop, but you really have to take a look for yourself to know what I'm talking about. Let's just say, I could have sat there the whole day reading if I was allowed! =)

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Have a sparkling week ahead!


Richel said...

love the pleated skirt!

Wendy said...

Like Richel said, the pleated skirt is awesome!

haz said...

oh, wow....ok i think i might have seen you that day. not at books actually though. it was at this beautiful shop along ann siang road, which sells loads of accessories, bags, clothes, etc. crap, i don't remember the shop name. there was one tall chinese salesman though.

my boyfriend and i were about to leave when you came in with your friends. i remembered your skirt, haha!

Alice Point said...

You wrote that you miss Europe:) But my biggest dream is to visit Japan:) So you are lucky! :)

The Clothes Horse said...

You look soooo sweet! I love the whole outfit. Too bad about the rabbit pin, it looks amazing. And I love the sales assistant's hands--super kawaii!

CoutureCarrie said...

Awesome photos! Loving all the multiples: necklaces, rings, typewriters. Beautiful!


Sarah said...

Richel & Wendy: Thanks girls.. it's actually a dress... ! Will have clearer pics up!

Haz: Hey Haz, yeah I think I saw you and your boyfriend too. I'm not surprised... Singapore is like too small not to run into people all the time! If u see me again, say hi hor!!

alice point: If only we could trade holidays! Le Sigh.

The clothes horse: I regret not getting the rabbit pin! Oh well... better things will definitely come my way!

Couturecarrie: Awww thanks LOVE!!

melly said...

note to self: make trip down to BooksActually. Very pretty dress, you pulled the pleats off darn well Sarah