Thursday, 21 August 2008

Click! Click! Click!

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While looking for local Singapore online-shopping sites, I chanced upon a blogger that had provided a link to Hansel. Now I'm not really sure if it was such a good idea to have clicked on that link, cause now I'm quite determined to a piece of Jo Soh's(the brains of this fantastic operation) designs. Sorry if the pictures of their collection isn't very clear... Hansel's very well designed website uses flash so do take a look for yourself. Their pieces are very whimsical and so adorable... and some of you who know me very well would say the collect is very me. And that is absolutely true! If I had unlimited amounts of money, I would gladly purchase every single piece they had. Unfortunately, that isn't so. Boo........

Anyways the latest collection is based on a nautical theme while last year's was inspired by magicians. Honestly, I prefer Abracadabra collection.
It's more unique and I love everything (Plus it looks more expensive, I'm assuming it is... very...) Although anything with a title CAPTAIN CHEESE scores massive amounts of brownie points in my opinion! Apparently this label is being stocked in Capitol building and for non-Singaporeans, let me just tell you... almost NO ONE goes there... But now, I must make a trip down to take a look for myself!

p.s Calling all Singaporeans out there! If you know of any good local online retail sites, please share your bookmark with me! Even the livejournal ones that have the worst loading speed ever.... =)


pinktuutuu said...

oh yes, i simple adore hansel! Her collection is immaculate and the illustrations on the site is just so adorable!

do check out if you haven't already. Hk/Sg base. Pretty much what you can get at far east but their styling for the clothes is something to look out for.

jo said...

yess i do much prefer abracadabra though! captain cheese is selling out fast though

melly said...

she graduated from csm too y'know. i took one of her classes when she was lecturing part-time in TP. let's just say i like her clothing more than her.

i would wear alot of her stuff too if they were affordable! but somehow she doesn't look like the person behind all these clothes, i dont know why i feel that way.

Sarah said...

pinktuutuu: Thanks girly! looks really good! Fantastic recommendation.

Jo: Really...? Wow... Have you seen the collection personally before?

Melly: CSM graduate huh? Hmm... Maybe she's just totally different with people she knows and the public. But I guess I gotta meet her in person to know for sure what the hell i'm trying to say. lol.