Sunday, 24 August 2008

In the Early Morning

There's a good reason to be awake at 6am in the morning and that would be going down to your neighbourhood bakery to find freshly baked bread & pastries. Prior heading down to Ezra's place after his work on Saturdays, we would meet at the nearby coffee shop for morning noodles and porridge, then stop by DJ Roti (bread in Malay... I know... this name tops my charts of WTF shop names) to get some cheese & sugar bread. MMmmm... Yuummm...

Piping hot... smells like carbohydrate heaven...

My favourite choice... sugar on cheese.... Mmmm

So I went strolling downtown in Orchard yesterday and while I was suppose to head straight to Kinokuniya bookstore, I made a detour to Zara in Ngee Ann City. It's been awhile since I've been in a Zara Outlet (the last time was when I went there with Ana in London few months back). They're past few collections have been a slight let down for me. However, I am totally in awe of this season's collection. Full of plaid, boho.... a variety of D&G and Gucci A/W'08 inspired clothings which I really love and many I really wanted to get. However I settled for two pieces I thought would probably stay in my favour the longest. Starting with this plaid oversized shirt... with puffy sleeves (a sort of style I have been endlessly searching for cause I hate fitted shirts, they do absolutely nothing for my figure. Eew.). My brother's comment was:" Did you buy that at a thrift store? Looks like a vintage piece." I guess that was a compliment towards my top unless he's trying to infer that I look like a homeless hobo! But whatever it is, I like it muchos! The material is a little warm but perfect for a cold rainy day like today.



Shirt: Zara
Shorts: A&F
Stockings: Tabio
Shoes: K&G
Fringed bag: Antik Batik
Hairband & bangles: F21

So hurry and stop by your local Zara outlet today before you miss out on a fabulous collection!

I'm getting my Doc Martins this Wednesday...... JOY!


melly said...

haha i have to agree with your brother, in a complimentary fashion! i wouldn't have guessed it was from Zara if i met you but who cares, it looks terrific, your whole get-up! i've been meaning to wear black tights with my denims all week too, but i've been cooped up at home :\

and i think wearing tights to heartland malls are abit much right?

Sarah said...

Melly: I think wearing tights to heartland malls are the way to go! You stare at Aunties wearing gross pink stay-at-home-shorts and they stare at you for being chic. All's well for me!

I only don't wear it in heartland areas cause no air-con... =P

Richel said...

oh wow! that looks so good! cute outfit!

She's Dressing Up said...

Cheese and sugar bread sounds strange, yet, I really want to try it!
The shirt looks so cosy =]

pocketz♥full♥of♥posiez said...

after seeing that food i went i bought myself a cake
power to you for showing me that pic lol

bo said...

Cheese and sugar? I must try it. ;)

cherri said...

wheres the bag from! i love it!