Thursday, 28 August 2008

Wardrobe Remix

On a previous post, I had told you all that I found treasure in my mum's wardrobe which she had obviously forgotten about. Here it is...

This jacket and skirt suit looks like an outfit from a vintage Parisian movie or something. I had to have the dodgy shoulder pads as well as the very tight lining under the skirt removed(which really doesn't make sense to have in the first place). I'm still thinking if I need to remove an inch and a half from the shoulder area cause it still looks too wide for me. However, I'm just afraid it's gonna lose character. What do you think?

Obviously dressing up like this in Singapore will get the oddest glares, plus the weather is awful hot and sticky, not to mention, there's no point wearing a hat when everywhere I go is pretty much sheltered, I wanted to mix it up to make it less dressy.

So this is what I wore...



The gorgeous buttons and detailing on the pockets.

The chain necklace I made. Mixture of different plated metal chains. =)

Now I gotta figure out how am I gonna wear that skirt. =P


jo said...

i think the jacket looks great like that! i like the puffiness in the shoulders/sleeves heh

LaCouturier said...

i love the second outfit!

i totally agree about the balenciaga bag...i loveeee it! i really want one in bright blue now, lol

Anonymous said...

i love your blazer and the many chains!

The Clothes Horse said...

That is a lovely skirt suit! I think you can take the shoulders in and maintain the drama/puff sleeves.

pinktuutuu said...

I actually like the first outfit, the hat completed the entire look. like a quirky sophisticated twist.

Sarah said...

Thanks girls... Imma keep it as it is then. =D

pocketz♥full♥of♥posiez said...

wow ur outfits are so well puttogether
i'd love to wear them lol :)

melly said...

those chains are motherass cool Sarah.

Anonymous said...


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