Friday, 22 August 2008

Sailor Circus

From Liebemarlene Vintage... I want...!!! Don't know where she gets her stuff, but I want to go there too!
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I would like to make this dress for myself! Hope it works out >_<
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Today I managed to take temporary ownership of the car while my dad is overseas and my mum went out with her friends, therefore dragged the boyfriend out into daylight (shock and horror) and drove to MacRitchie Reservoir (or however you should spell it). Okay I know this is a typical location to take nice scenic photographs but it's also the place where Ezra and I shared very special dating moments a year ago.

To set it straight, I am no model, but every girl wants to have some photo fun once in awhile! Honestly, I wish I was the photographer instead cause I love taking photographs way more (I'm known as layout queen & "artistic director" for photoshoots back in London. This happens when you read through way too many fashion magazines and know most of the fashion poses). So today I spent some time teaching Ezra how to use the SLR manually and he loves it!

Unfortunately the weather was pretty gloomy and it got worst... so the photo quality wasn't really as good as I wanted it to be. Boo...
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Sailor Dress: Topshop concession
I got it on sale, 50GBP ---> 25GBP. Like Steal!

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MiuMiu inspired dress: ASOS
Mini Bowler Hat: Barnett Lawson Trimmings
Shoes: Kurt Geiger

I love my mini bowler hat. I'm not a hat person but I'm definitely a hair accessory person. Just gotta sew on an elastic band for it to stay on my big head!! Oh and on the hat is the pin that says: I'd trade this button for a secret. Actually, I really don't think I would. =P

Have a great weekend all!


Wendy said...

I really love nautical dresses, they're so cute!

Babka said...

both outfits are great:)

The Clothes Horse said...

Adorable dresses! I really like you Miu Miu one and Liebemarlene always finds the most amazing things!

soilikethelike said...

i love the asos dress,
i have been obsessed with the miu miu dress for so long, this is a pretty amazing find.

esther=)) said...

By any chance you wanna sell away your Sailor Dress from topshop let me know;)