Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Turning 22 and still slightly awkward

As July 16th approaches, my mixed feelings and emotions get the better of me. I'm graduating and somehow things didn't feel so right. I'm turning 22 and I'm not really where I thought I would be at this age. I blame myself for being a kancheong spider (overzealous and overanxious). That... I have to blame my parents. For the past year, they've been asking if I found a job yet. So I suppose such traits are genetic. =P

The thing is, I don't think I can do an office job. Office jobs bore me to tears... Secondly, I don't want to do Graphic Design if given a choice... I'm sick of it. *Yawn* Everyone is doing it... everyone is a self-proclaimed Graphic Designer... Which reminds me: JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN USE PHOTOSHOP and ILLUSTRATOR does NOT make you a g.designer. I don't even like that title anymore cause it's so overrated and overused. Used to think it's cool... NOT anymore.

Soo I turned to my strong points. I love fashion. I love shopping but usually return them after admiring them for a day. I love sleeping in the day and working at night. I love travelling. So I thought... make use of all these factors and do something I really love.

Thus, Ana and I are going to start an online fashion retail business based in London. I will be her buyer/designer and she will do the business/marketing. I want to start my own line as well as bring in young Asian fashion designers into the London fashion market.

It's a big big thing with loads of details sooo I shan't say too much. =) Just wait and see.

p.s Pictures of my accessories will be up on my blog as well as ebay soon =D

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