Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Antik Batik

On my wish list, this fringed bag from Antik Batik is sooo cute! Fringed bags are sooo in right now. Have to work harder now to afford this! *crosses fingers*


Staying at home these two days to finish my work. Major important tutorial on Thursday... and I think I might be screwing it up. Tutor is really pushing me to do prints... Looks like simplicity will never be my style. I love patterned/wallapaper/floral prints, but it's really not what I want to do. However if it's what the tutor wants, then it's what the tutor gets.

I'm soooo sian right now. Not feeling inspired at all. Just wanna graduate like... NOW.

I've lost my passion for Graphic Design, especially being in my school. When I was first accepted to Central Saint Martins, I was extremely excited but now I have lost all respect for it. Well at least just the Graphic Design department. The fashion dept will always be... AWESOME. I've seen people who come into class with sheets of sketches during the final crit and explain their theories and unrefined concepts like it's the greatest in the world and the tutor goes for it. People who deserved great marks and who do visually stunning work (I'm not talking about me cause I suck), get one of the lowest marks.

Just...tired of it. Wanna just continue doing my accessories... and be happy with using my creativity in that.

Sigh... back to work man.

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