Sunday, 4 May 2008

Behind the Lens

I finally had my photoshoot done today. The weather wasn't very nice, but decent enough to spare us the rain.

I was rather happy with the outcome of the shoot... (Will show the photos soon as they have been photoshopped nicely) Isn't the model pretty? Elisa is studying at LSE (London School of Economics) Smart, beautiful, friendly, speaks English & French... what more can you ask from a girl!

To clarify things, this photoshoot was done for my accessories design brand : Fawn&Fauna.
And the website will be up hopefully by end May if not mid-June. I'm not terribly great at website design... So bare with me. I shall try to upload photos of my jewellery pieces soon, my model and makeup artist loved them so much, they wanted to buy it off me on the spot. However, I was hoping to keep it until my launch. =D They offered to pay way more than what I had intended. Makes me smile that my designs are appreciated.

Anyways back to the shoot, there were 3 outfits, didn't take any random photos on my digi cam for the first one, so I shall upload them soon for your pleasurable viewing.

Back to graphic design work then to sleep, cause I gotta go to work tomorrow for a whole day.

Good night world!



assterixx said...

oooooh veryvery pretty new layout.
so proud of you :)

Sarah said...

Charlotte Chew I miss you sooooo much! Can't wait to go home and celebrate the end of University life. Love yer loads!!