Friday, 16 May 2008

Gay men know best

When I saw this picture on the Sart, three things came into mind:"damn he's got a nice ass and hot legs." "Omg I want his YSL Muse bag!" "Yeah... he's gay." The thing is... I don't think straight guys can pull of this look. They probably wouldn't have the walk, the charm and the damn fine ass to do it. As appealing as this guy looks, I'd rather date someone's whose totally neutral about fashion. I DON'T WANT SOMEONE TO STEAL MY LIMELIGHT!! Imagine if your boyfriend dresses better than you... that sucks!

Ezra not to say you're totally out of sync with fashion... though... come to think about it, you really are. =P But I love you just the way you are.


Was f-ing late for work today. Was supposed to be there at 10 and I woke up at 10.15. Grand huh?! Sighs... Soo I had to spend 20 freaking pounds on cab fare to central London. By the time I got there I was pretty feverish and really car sick. I made up some bogus excuse of why I was late and got away with it. Unfortunately, my head was spinning... and I was on the verge of passing out. Sighs... the things I do for money sometimes... or whatever I can get. >__<

Got a new dress from ASOS. Will post tomorrow!

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yiqin; said...

Yeah I wouldn't want my bf t steal my limelight too!