Friday, 2 May 2008

Parisian Doll

Today was another random errand day where I had to get underwear for my photoshoot as well as mail out some ebay stuff. Afterwhich I went to meet my dearest Ana for some coffee and gossip.

I love my outfit today. Definitely had to wear my latest buy. The skirt from Topshop... which is sooo pretty made me look like a doll!

Notice how my hair is much neater. I'm wearing a hairband made of braided synthetic hair. Oh so cute and oh so french chic! My French teacher would have been proud!

So Ana and I found a nice corner near our Davies Street campus... with white painted bricks! Sure passersby stared at us and our antics... but it was worth it.

We're definitely going back there again! xx

Sweater: Topshop
Tee: H&M
Skirt: Topshop
Belt: Primark
Stockings: Tabio
Shoes: French Sole

p.s as you have noticed, my fashion blog is now defunct and have moved it here. I figured... why not just put everything together. Less tedious that way... =D
p.s.s I think I'm losing weight.... -__-"


yiqin; said...

Wow. Your skirt is awesome! & you really look like a doll :D

Sarah said...

Thanks Yiqin! I hope Topshop in Singapore would be able to bring it in, so you could get one too! xx