Monday, 22 September 2008

My Wishlist

I know I've been missing for a week, sad to say I think I'll be missing quite alot till the New Year. Reason being... I have to get my life together. Too many things to do, too little healthy time to do it! (I've been pretty sick since I came back to Singapore and really need to get my physical well-being back on track.) There's the building of the loft in my room, getting a temp job and working on my own creations etc. I will be pretty much living out of the "suitcase" for the next couple of months which is difficult since I'm a VERY messy person! Le sigh...

Anyways here are some of my favourites from the runway...

High waisted nautical wide leg shorts and pants are the key essentials for spring/summer.

Cute collars make the best statements.

The only outwear you ever need for all year round tropical weather.
The detailed blazer. The simple chic blazer.

The perfect evening wear. At the ball and at the club.
p.s Hello gorgeous shoes!

I picked up an issue of Seventeen magazine which I haven't done in years... and was so pleasantly surprised by the (well in my opinion) teen vogue inspired styling. The outfits were definitely too cool for school! Although I do find it unrealistic considering they are styling for Singapore weather. Trying to do creative styling for a local magazine all year round without being boring, now that is a very tough challenge!



Have a sparkling week everyone!


Mimi said...

The blue skirt in the very first pic is to die for.Want it!

She's Dressing Up said...

I love the D&G pieces!!

clareassiral said...

Sarah, hope you're recovering well, the weather's been crazy lately, one moment it's scorching hot, next it's like we're experiencing fall!!

get well soon.

Sheryl Wong said...

cute collars in a chic blazer...the best of both worlds!

ashleigh said...

ohh i hope you're feeling better! you're much braver than i to live out of a suitcase i'm such a mess.

lara said...

love your favourites :) and the pictures are great!

Anonymous said...

that sequined beret is going on my wishlist!

Couture Carrie said...

Nice trend-spotting on the collars!
And I love that triple-buckle belt in the first editorial pic - very impressive stuff for 17!

Gorgeous post here.


Linnéa said...

Love the last photos <3<3 really really beautiful ^^

Anonymous said...

i miss you Sarah!

Betsey said...

ooh wow that seventeen spread is surprisingly beautiful! lovely blog!