Sunday, 14 September 2008

Kate Moss & I

Just a little update on this entry. I headed down to Topshop in Raffles City, hoping to find a basic top or two and to my surprise was greeted by the latest collection from KateMossforTopshop. I knew Singapore does bring in her line, however what impressed me was how soon it actually came in. Anyways, I wasn't a fan of her last few collections but I felt this one was way more relatable to me and my own style.




Two pieces that I really like, which I absolutely couldn't choose between. The grey cardigan had a heart on each side of it's pockets and was very super slouchy comfy. The sleeves I adore because they weren't fitted like alot of cardigans were! I would so wear this with just a pair of denim shorts and white tee when I'm feeling absolutely lazy.

The apple cardigan. What can I say about it? It's sooo adorable! Anything that has apple motifs on it cannot go wrong! This too is really comfy and accents basics with a bit of patterns. The thing is, it's slightly cropped while I would prefer a more slouchy fit, while the grey cardigan is a little to boring! Dilemma! Dilemma!

However!! I'm waiting for the new Polo Jeans Co. military jacket to come in!! I can't wait to show everyone. I wish I could now, but apparently this company under Ralph Lauren is now discontinued in the US! How odd... Oh well... =D


I've been busy sketching, sketching the dresses, tops, shorts, blazers and all the whimsical illusions of grandeur I've been having in my noggin for the longest time. I'm trying to come up with my own mini collection for S/S'09! But I won't divulge too much.... cause I'm too caught up in being confused about too many things like seamstress, material etc, I don't even know where to start.

But here's some stuff that's inspired me =D:



I don't know if you remember Babar, or have even heard of him for that matter. He's another french character like Madeline whom I adore. I had forgotten him for a decade till my French tutor had mentioned him with much delight. I remember the Babar cartoons I would watch in the morning, with the simple, very pleasant, and some time's slightly odd musing of an elephant wearing a suit. haha. =D I love the colours and if you look carefully, the clothes on the elephants seem rather fashionable... a green suit and a crown... you gotta love that! xx



Today I spent an hour looking through old photographs because I remember how my mum used to dress me up in the loveliest of dresses when I was a wee lass! Sometimes I wish I was that young again, then again, age has never really stopped me from dressing the way I want to! =D It's so sad that most parents don't bother to dress their kids up anymore. Even 2 year olds start wearing tees, jeans and when they reach 12, they're dressing like their 30! Where's did their childhood go, seriously? Le sigh

Have a sparkling week everyone!


styledigger said...

AAAA I lobe Babar!!! It was one of my favourites cartoons! It's so good to see him again:)

Both of your Tophop cardigans are cute. It's soooo good that next month we will have Tophop in Poland!

Anonymous said...

i love that apple cardigan too!

Alice Point said...

I love cardigans! Yours are lovely! Especially that with apple! :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't get to know Babar! Why, i'm gonna ask my mother why she didn't expose me to Babar! I think knowing some Babar might have change my life! Haha.

I adore that apple cardigan, it is you indeed.

And it's awesome you went back to your childhood photos for inspiration. Liebemarlene posted some on her blog before and they dress better in those days than i do now. Le sigh indeed!

Nina said...

the sweater w/the hearts looks cute on you! i loved that when i saw it on the website.

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh, I adore the old photographs. They're enchanting!
Personally I vote the apple cardigan, but both are quite cute.

Jenny H. said...

i reallyyyy like that first cardigan.
so cute.
im not a fan of the second..but it does look cute on you!

Wendy said...

The heart cardigan is super adorable!

She's Dressing Up said...

Baba was so cool. I want a big golden crown now!!

I love the grey heart cardigan - it may seem slightly boring, but it would go with anything!

Betsey said...

ooh i love both of those cardigans!
and i love the locket you're wearing too! does it say something on it, or am i seeing things?