Friday, 5 September 2008

Click! Click! Click!

Today I made my way to the Salvation Army Thrift Store along Upper Serangoon Road. At first I was rather excited because it looked pretty big and loads of stuff all around, however was pretty sad that the clothes selection was very limited. Not only that, it was surprisingly not very thrifty! The cashier wanted to charge 15 bucks for a bag that would have probably came free at the cosmetics counter (an old lady wanted to get it). In the end I didn't get anything and decided to stick to Ebay! =D

Not only is the selection on Ebay crazy good, if you look carefully, you'd find good buys at very good prices. Much better than shopping at Far East Plaza! Looking forward to receiving these in the mail! Colour colour & more colour!

Independent Vintage

Tin Roof Vintage

Vintage Moon Baby

Cloud Nine Vintage


Richel said...

If you were in San Francisco, I'd be more than happy to oblige in taking you to a farmer's market.

maybe you could even be an odd pair. me the farmer's daughter, you the crazy cool prepster?

The Clothes Horse said...

Great picks. I have to avoid eBay, it's a terrible addiction.

Sarah said...

Richel: HAHAHAHAHAHA.... I think it's the other way round. I wanna be the farmer's daughter!!!

I will visit San Francisco soon! It's the only major city in the States I haven't visited yet!

pinktuutuu said...

Ebay has a humongous selection and its endless! I always have 3 pages full of items in my watchlist, its horrible.

Btw sarah, are you still keen on the necklace? dropped you an email last week. I have sold 2, i have a last piece available. i can reserve it for you if you'd like. Refer to the email for the price :)

She's Dressing Up said...

The yellow romper looks so much fun!

jo said...

actually i'm scared of that SA haha. yes ebay is better but i just hate biddingggg

Wendy said...

Oh the sailor dress is heavenly!

yellowcon said...

Just came across your blog recently...omg..that sailor dress, I have seen it on ebay a while ago, was wondering who was that lucky dude who got it. Haa..turns out to be a fellow countryman. :) Anytime u lose interest in it, do contact me ok? :P