Monday, 8 September 2008

Singapore Safari

I apologize for the lack of updates recently. I've been down with some nose allergy and throat infection, which has the germs consuming all my energy thus leaving me limited to that small space called my bed. In other words, I've been pretty much dead. So dead I haven't been taking my daily dosage of blogs!! Yup, it's been that annoying.

So anyways a few weeks back Ezra and I headed to the Night Safari for fun, seeing as how his mum and sister works there, therefore we get in FREE! It was really fun! Too bad we don't get to touch the animals though... However, the best part was when the staff starting telling us ghost stories about the place. Apparently doing World War II, alot of people were shot and buried together in a massive grave on this piece of land. People have seen spirits in trees and strange things have been happening to them. I was so spooked, I had Ezra's hoodie on in fear that someone would grab my hair from the back or something on the tram! Here are some photos! p.s If you're ever in Singapore, you should take a look. If you're local and haven't been there in a decade like me, then you should go! They've had so much upgrading and BONGO BURGERS!






So here's my safari themed outfit for today! I decided to keep my Safari-ish military uniform top after much contemplation. I love the big buttons, they're such a trip for me to look at! I wanted to mix feminine with masculine by using the structured top over an over-sized loose blouse. This way, I don't end up looking like I really work as a Safari park ranger! =P Best part of this outfit, is that I get to wear in my Doc Martens! =D Thanks to Bebee of Jshoes!

Safari military top: Vintage
Blouse: Mum's
Shorts: Guess
Shoes: Doc Martens


flair to remember said...

OOh I love both outfits! So lovely!! That safari jacket looks amazing on you!!

CoutureCarrie said...

Very YSL... Love it!
Feel better :)


Nicole said...

I like the second outfit a lot... You pulled off the work boots plus the safari shirt without looking like the Crocodile Hunter!

Also, thanks a lot for commenting on my blog. As for comparing me to Camille, you're far too kind. Thank you!

PAM said...

ooh.. night safari sounds fun! i wanna go to sing next year :) and i really love the second outfit! :)

pinktuutuu said...

love the military top. i had my eyes set on that when you listed it. :D

i've dropped you an email regarding the purchase. Look forward to hearing from you.


darling get well soon. loving the sound of the night safari,how fun! your outfit is so super too

carrie / wishwishwish said...

wow i really love the outfits! you look amazing!

jo said...

i really like the safari jacket - you styled it so well! so what's your etsy store?

The Clothes Horse said...

Great outfits. I really like the jacket in the second. Safaris sound sooo cool.

emily said...

i LOVE the second outfit! amazing!

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone!

Larissa: You have mail! =D And I guess I'll have one real soon too! Joy! X'mas comes too often this year!

Jo: My etsy store is not up yet cause there's some issues with my paypal account which will be sorted end of this week! Will announce it then!

Wendy said...

Can I please own that military safari jacket too?