Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Some Grass, Macaroons & Lace

Hafsteinn Juliusson's Growing Jewellery collection is to die for! I've always had a thing for the slightly kooky accessory but this is the most enchanting of them all. Mother nature would be proud!

Now if I just knew how I could lay my hands on one of them! Hmmm...


Saturday afternoon, I had the urge to have my current favourite dessert from Canele. Thus, I called my dearest friend Aisyah if she was free to accompany me in my indulgence! Canele is definitely the best place for cakes, chocolates and french pastries located in Raffles City, Paragon and Shaw. The reason why I'm advertising is cause I want them to have booming business so they can stay in my life forever!


Macaroons and candy trees. Can look but cannot eat!

My favourite cake in the world: Mont Blanc.
And one of the sweetest girls in the world: Aisyah.


Yesterday my dad and I finally bought an A3 printer from Funan Mall. This was after much discussion cause he didn't see why anyone needed an A3 printer. Let's just say there'll be alot of random mini posters hanging all over my room walls from now on.

After that I went off on my own to Granny's Day Out because I remembered Larissa mentioned a sale was going on in one of her past entries. And there was... a frigging 40% off sale! Jeez. So many nice pieces, just really little cash! But in the end I was smitten with this piece. The lace details did it for me!


Okay, so I didn't really wear the boots out, are you kidding.. in Singapore weather?! I wore sandals. hehe. Just wanted to wear what I would have worn if it were really FALL. So anyways hurry hurry to Granny's Day Out if you've not been.

Hairband: handmade
Dress: Granny's Day Out
Belt: Mum's vintage
Boots: Max & Co.


pinktuutuu said...

oh my god! that multi-finger ring is so cool! Glad you took a trip to granny's day out, pretty dress! i've been receiving sms-es from them saying the sale's been extended to 30/09, and new stocks replenished! i want to go again!

Anonymous said...

hey fashionista! you're making me crave for macaroons!! i had my first one the other day and they're yummyyyyy

Anonymous said...

canele is indeed a sweet place!

and you look so girl on the prairie in that frock, very lovely. i love when girls wear such dresses :)

Nina said...

your dress is so cool. and the desserts look sooooo yummy. said...

what a pretty pretty outfit

Wendy said...

I totally love the hippie boho vibe you are eluding with this outfit. And gosh the cake looks yum!

Mimi said...

The dress is a dream.

P.S.Love the shoes in your header

Nicole said...

Grass knuckles! That is hilarious! I really like accessories like that. I like the dress, good find!