Thursday, 11 September 2008

The Littlest Rebels

Today I stopped by Books Actually to pick up 2 back issues of Nylon which I had noticed the last time I was there. Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan graced each of the covers, which is good enough reason for me to get them!

I love Nicole and Lindsay cause they are crraazzzzyyy... People like that make me feel relatively sane when I know tt in 90% of society, I am a 110% nutjob. =D I know they aren't exactly fashion icons because they are just 2 of the 100s of Rachel Zoe's styled minions, but I just can't stop looking at them. Ultimately I think it's their persona that makes their overall appearance so damn appealing. "Almost-freak show in pretty packaging" sound like the perfect description? Hate them/Love them... you gotta admit you're always intrigued.

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Let's all be rebellious lumberjacks!

*a random comment from a random nowhere*

Very casual outfit today, the only thing I liked was the little grey tube top I used to layer over my white top. Oh and yesh, the vintage plaid shirt that I had knicked back from Ezra's wardrobe. =P Although I think it does look better on him, or at least sexier! =D

Singapore's been really hot lately... grrrr.... However great news for me, my dad will be flying to/from France for the next 2 years... that means I'll be joining him too! Oh JOY right?! Plus, looking forward to travelling around South Asia soon... can't wait to get out of the heat!

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Looking forward to the weekend....


fashion blah blah said...

thanks for your comment on the Malo collection. i added your blog to my links, hope you don't mind.hope to keep in touch

Anonymous said...

Hi hi :) Your posts are interesting! Your outfits are really pretty too! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LL. She's so sexy, tsk, it's ridiculous.

To and fro France! Not talking to you anymore!


Couture Carrie said...

I love them too - these photos are awesome, esp. the last one ;)


The Clothes Horse said...

Very interesting layers in your outfit. I like Nicole Richie well enough, she did a good job of remaking herself which is admirable. Only I can't stand Lohan...she's just so mixed up, I sort of feel sorry for her.

She's Dressing Up said...

I agree, there is something about those two that draws me in, but I cant quite put my finger on what!
You wear that plaid shirt so well.

Nicole said...

I like the little tube top too. I see you linked me... Thank you! I'll add you to my page right now.

Jenny H. said...

i do love lindsay and nicole. not gonna lie.

you look great.
wanna trade links?

chineric said...

amen! i also loove loove lilo! very crazy but gorgeous gal!

Wendy said...

Oh wow, hot layering. And I think Lindsay is recovering.

pinktuutuu said...

i want that apple printed cardi too!! its sooooo cute! Yes anything with apple print is ultra adorable and so hard to resist!

no matter how trashy the tabloids are calling LL, i love her ever since the Parent Trap days!