Friday, 25 July 2008

Viktor & Rolf for Shu Uemura

One thing I love about being home... is being able to drive. *Now if I can just figure out how to do parallel parking...*

My cousin took this picture when I just parked the car in Orchard road. He had to keep it as a souvenir for surviving a ride in my car... Note: I am NOT a bad driver... not the best, but definitely not the worst!

Today I went browsing with the cousin in Orchard Road, in hopes of finding him the 11th pair of Nike dunks to add to his massively EXPENSIVE collection. (And boys talk about girls and their shoes... jeez)

He couldn't find anything... but I found something that has made my month! When I was back in London, I had gotten wind of the Viktor & Rolf limited edition lashes for Shu Uemura... but never really had the time to go take a look, but the assumption was... there wouldn't be any left anyways... Then went I went to Japan, it was completely sold out. Like duh... What was I thinking?! The capital city of fake lashes having any left...... Obviously not! Then I looked around in Singapore... Tangs was sold out of the paperclip-lashes and told me to head to Isetan. I was fortunately to have 1 of the last 2 pairs!

Why I chose the paperclip pair? Well I thought it was the most unique and probably closest to my persona and style. The first pair I feel is more for the party girl... the hostess of the ball... And I being more mellow than I've ever been in my life.. didn't want to to harsh it! The third pair... is for the belle of the ball... the girly sweetheart with flowers in her hair. The pair I chose... I feel.. is for the girl whose naturally different from the crowd... seemingly awkward to everyone else, yet fascinating. You would think I'm praising myself.. well It's my blog... so I'll scream praises if I want to!

I'm saving this pair for all those special occasions. Honestly, I can't wait to try them on but they're like a piece of artwork you don't want to ever risk destroying. If you see them, love them... what you waiting for?!

p.s: Shu Uemura puts them on for you for free as many times as you require them to! That's what I call... good service!

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Rich Hippie said...

i love that pic! ive alawyss been bad with fake eyelashes buit i might try these