Sunday, 20 July 2008

Luella Pinked

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Finally got to watch The Dark Knight today! I feel like one of the last few Singaporeans to... As much as I was tempted to dress towards a batman-sort-of-theme, I was feeling even more ill this evening (didn't even get to wearing my heels cause I thought I might pass out and fall to my "fashionable death") and was too oozy to think.

However, I took the opportunity of having the sniffles to wear my new Luella cardigan(which was on sale at 50% off!).
I wanted to purchase the batman logo cardigan, but they were sadly all sold out. Initially, I was having second thoughts of getting it because it's pink and pink to me is a no go, but who knew I could pull of pink that decently! Then again, maybe it's just LUELLA PINK! (That's the official shade of pink for Luella, according to me!)

Cardigan: Luella
Dress: WoodWood
Sandals: Junction 8

Hope everyone had a great weekend cause I DID!


The Clothes Horse said...

Lovely outfit! I really adore your cardigan.

Honeymoon said...

Gr8 look !

Garderobsbloppis said...

Lovely! I'm thinking about ordering one from the Luella site, but I'm not sure about the sizes. I'm usually a small, do you have any suggestions? Thanks!