Thursday, 10 July 2008

A treasure in The Hills

If you watch The Hills, you would have came across the episode where LC helps Whitney with a fashion show for Whitley Kros.

I loved her collection, especially the military tops, so I had to click her out on the web.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, her collection is out of my grasps right now. Check her out NOW! =D


Anonymous said...

I have to say i quite like this collection, minus the 80s looking hair - makes the models look older and greasy.

Compared to LC's collections, at least there's something to talk about!

Btw, did you get my email?

Ann Reed said...

was just blogging about Whitley Kros!
Her new site is so fresh and inspiring. Her collections are fun and innovative.
Have you guys seen the photo of Kate Hudson with Lance Armstrong's kids in the People and Life&Style this week?
She is wearing Whitley's ABC tee that can be purchased off of their site! Very cool, everyone check it out:

Sarah said...

Hey Melly: Totally agree with the makeup and hair, although they did look abit better during the episode itself.

And LC's collection... To be honest, watching Laguna Beach and The Hills, she's always been a basic girl... So her collection is like her... Basic. *Ouch* I know! =P

And yup, sorry I thought I replied it but then I didn't in the end. I'll meet you up after I come back from London, then at least you can try it on yer know! =D

Seeya soon!!!

Sarah said...

Hi Anna! Have you been to a Whitley Kros boutique? I really hope it will become available to the rest of the world soon! =D