Thursday, 10 July 2008

I heart woodwood

Since I came back from Fukuoka, a new wave of business has hit me. My relatives from Holland are here for a short stay, thus I am in charge of host duty (at least for my 16 year old cuz). But before they arrived, I made my way to my favourite store in Singapore, woodwood. Located in Far East Plaza, this place is a haven for the sweetest, cutest dresses at very affordable prices, ranging from 45-60.
I bought a dress on sale for just 15 bucks which I'm wearing tonight for dinner, amongst 2 others you see below. *giggles*

I seriously want everything in that shop, especially the bags designed by their in-house designer. They come in 3 colours/prints. I want the dark leather one! Priced at $256, I have to save up money for it first. So hard when you're also in love with everything else in the store.

So if you're in Singapore, you have to take a look!

p.s my birthday is around the corner... COULD SOMEONE BUY ME THAT GORGEOUS BAG PLEASE?! =D~~~~


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